Extreme Cold Breaks Records-Be Prepared

Extreme Cold in Toronto this week broke a 57 year old temperature record. CTV reported that the extreme cold made parts of Canada colder than Mars and Antarctica.  Canada used to issue Wind Chill Warnings but in 2014 it replaced the term, Wind Chill Warning with Extreme Cold Warning.

The US began to experience record breaking cold temperatures this November.  The North East United States is now in what is called a brutal recording breaking cold snap.  2018 is about to get ushered in with more extreme weather.
Recording breaking weather is becoming the norm and we have seen more records break since the 1990’s and it is spiking upward following the birth-pang pattern Jesus foretold.    With this Extreme weather many have lost homes to tornadoes, hurricanes and floods. We know that extreme weather is the new norm in weather patterns.  Governments are trying to blame it on Climate Change as if man can control the weather on this earth.    These are the signs that Jesus predicted and we do not know how much more severe it will get.
I am an advocate for being prepared in these times.  For cold weather to prevent freezing pipes the Insurance Institute For Business and Home Safety provides a PDF with excellent information. Here is also another site with great information on ready.gov for preparedness for snowstorms and extreme cold.  and it provides information.
 To protect against any weather destruction I advocate taking all family photos and important papers and scanning them and uploading them to the cloud so that in the event of a flood, fire, tornado, hurricane or water damage from frozen pipes you have copies of all that you need stored in a cloud or an online drive like Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft One Drive.  On smart phones are scanning apps that allow you to scan documents or photos into PDF’s and send them to your email or drive.   It is time to make sure that all of your important papers are scanned and saved into the Cloud and can be accessed anywhere.
If you scan all of your family photos you will not be devastated by the loss of the originals.  Of course have necessary supplies on hand and fortify your home as much as possible to protect as much as you can to prevent damage.
In Japan after the Japan earthquakes, the people embraced minimalism, which is only having what they need in part they will not have as much to lose and are prepared in case of another devastation. Minimalism is a good principle generally, to only have what you need and not be given to excess and greed.
 I am writing while sitting in extreme cold in the Northeast USA. It has caused me to make sure I have cold weather gear, and it inspired me for my Amazon Store.
On my Amazon store page my motto for my store is BE PREPARED and due to the Cold Wave that I am sitting in, I was inspired to share my finds with my audience and I have selected essentials for Extreme Cold Weather such as hats, gloves, thermals, blankets and jackets.  In addition, your purchase helps me to keep this site going and providing you with the latest in Bible Prophecy News.
Be sure to look over my BE PREPARED store at Amazon and I am still adding products.
There is a really awesome blanket that works on your body energy to keep in heat.     The jackets that I feature are Canadian Goose, which are very expensive but are a Canadian company, which are used to extreme cold temperatures and are the top of the line for Xtreme Cold Weather.  While they are out of my price range they may not be out of yours. For the minimalist living that BE PREPARED embraces it is better to have one quality item than three or four, or buying new regularly So be sure to check out my store on Amazon and Be Prepared for Xtreme Cold.

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