Four Common Mistakes Made By Bible Prophecy Experts

Bible Prophecy, has come to be synonymous with the end times or last days. 
Prophecy in the Bible comprises one third of the written word.  The last book of the Bible is the Revelation, and the entire book deals with Bible Prophecy by predicting the Tribulation period that leads to the end of the world.

 Bible Prophecy and The Evangelical’s Community

Christianity Today estimates that one ‚Äďthird of the world‚Äôs population is Evangelical Christians.

 Many Evangelicals follow Bible Prophecy and learn from the teachings of Bible Prophecy experts. 

Many Bible Prophecy teachers do not realize the task they are undertaking when they connect Bible Prophecy with the latest news and current affairs to show that we are in the end times. As a result there are six common mistakes made by nearly all Bible Prophecy teachers.  

1. Many Bible Prophecy Experts Lack Professional Standards and Methods Held to By Journalists
Where many err is that in their analysis of Bible Prophecy and the latest new, or current events is they do not hold to the standards of journalists or employ any of their methods. They basically make their analysis based on a news headline or even worse adopt the teachings of conspiracy theorists, which is on the lowest rung of junk journalism.. Despite the large numbers of Evangelical Christians worldwide who come from many different ranks of life, and that Bible Prophecy and prophecy in the Bible are main teachings, even in some Christian media outlets journalistic standards are not held. The lack of standards comes through in their erroneous commentary. It is also the reason why Evangelical Christian’s Bible Prophecy Teachers are not taken seriously by anyone with any credentials This was not the case in the Old Testament and at the birth of Christ. The prophets of God were consulted by the kings of Israel and even secular kings. The Biblical wise men were summoned by Herod for their analysis.   

  2. Bible Prophecy Experts Rely Too Much on Latest News Headlines

There is a good deal of bad information that is taught and believed by Evangelical Christians when it comes to Bible Prophecy and how prophecy in the Bible is being fulfilled.
The greatest area of bad and erroneous material taught by Bible Prophecy experts is in the area of world affairs and their interpretation of the latest news.
Geopolitics is a major study in itself and a Bible Prophecy expert cannot just read a headline to gauge what is happening in world affairs or current events in any one particular area.  
There was a speech given by former Commission President Barroso from which a Reuters journalist wrote an article. I wrote a completely different piece based on statements that this journalist did not find newsworthy.   There are many excellent articles that never make it into the press because the editors discard them as they pick and choose what will be published    This is one issue.. Then there is the news that is misreported, under-reported or not reported at all.  The second reason one does not want to rely on news headlines alone is because anyone in the know of economics, politics, etc. will tell you that by the time a some topics make it in the news: it is old news. There is the percentage of news that is actually breaking news, but it is just a percentage.
This leads to the third error:

3. Bible Prophecy Teachers Twist Scriptures to Conform to the Latest News Headlines

Some rely so heavily on the latest news headlines that they even twist their teachings of prophecy in the Bible to conform to the headlines Right now the major focus of most Bible Prophecy websites is what is happening with Islam and the radical Islamic groups trying to establish a Caliphate such as ISIS.  The Evangelical community  has switched from conspiracy theories to the Caliphate as the Beast of Revelation, which will lead the world to Armageddon.
IS aligns with the description of the end times as predicted by Jesus and the prophet Daniel. Its brutality fulfills the perilous times predicted in II Timothy. Some Bible Prophecy experts have erroneously discerned these events as the Beast of Revelation and are misinforming their readers.
When the shocking actions of radical Islamic groups hit the news,  Bible Prophecy teachers re examined prophecy in the Bible and found the Biblical basis to back up their theory, only there is no real Biblical basis because they are conforming Scripture to the non-fulfilling headline.

Islam is the New Bandwagon for Bible Prophecy Experts, Not Erika Grey’s

  4. Bible Prophecy Teachers Provide Analysis that Are Geopolitical Impossibilities.

A larger problem is that what so called Bible Prophecy experts provide as their analysis does not make any geopolitical sense and are geopolitical impossibilities. These violate Political Science 101.
Here is a prime example:
A Bible Prophecy website both teaches the conspiracy theories and also that there was an elected charismatic leader who came on the scene in Greece.  What they didn’t tell you because they do not know is that this leader’s policies have isolated him from the rest of the European Union and his politics appealed to those who are upset in Greece over the austerity measures imposed by the EU Troika.  I read his group’s manifesto and found it odd that they made up political terms that suited their platform and how their platform revolved around their issues. 
A good deal of it was anti EU policies and now you have an evangelical expert saying that this leader is poised to lead the EU.  Again, anyone with any knowledge of the EU knows that the EU just had their elections and their next Commission President will not be elected until 2019. They would also know that Alexis Tsipara ran in this recent EU election and lost. Not only did he not even come close, he was a no show during key debates. His platform is too narrow and does not have mass appeal throughout the EU.
This is just one example among many. From here many evangelicals teach conspiracy theories, which do not align with any of the predictions of Bible Prophecy.     I have yet to find in prophecy in the Bible a conspiracy describing how the Antichrist comes to power, rather it is through his own cunning and deceit. Evangelicals love conspiracy theories and in their love of them they have totally lost their credibility. Conspiracy theories have always been the short cut to time consuming research that none of the above neither have the time or are willing to put into the study of the geopolitical landscape they claim they are reporting on that aligns with Bible Prophecy.

1.      Bible Prophecy Teachers Are the Biggest Producers of Junk Journalism.

Definition of Junk Journalism:  This is a piece written by someone with the skill to write, and it will have an attention grabbing headline, but the writer does not have any real knowledge of the topic and the topic misleads in the pursuit of page hits. 
2.     The Evangelical Community readership is misinformed and thinks that Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled in areas that it is not being fulfilled and they miss a blessing in so many areas. What is being taught to them are lies, untruths, and they may not be taught intentionally, but in the Spiritual realm that is where they fall.

The self-proclaimed Biblical Watchmen and Prophets lose credibility and look like a bunch of nuts.  It is one thing if we are attacked for our beliefs in the Bible and in God’s son Jesus Christ. But, when we publicly teach nonsense  we hurt the Evangelical Community’s image as a whole, Such as when Harold Camping provided a date for the Rapture, or the article about Alexis Tsipara and I can site so many more examples, but that is the topic for another article.
The erroneous sensational information feeds on people’s emotions and makes the crazy even crazier
I experienced this on my Facebook page when I first started out and was joining Christian groups to get known.  I joined too many at once and the next thing I know I was accused of being a jihadist trying to infiltrate this group.  Others thought that I worked as a spy for the US government trying to gain admission to their community.  As they say there is no such thing as bad publicity because that little episode helped me to get know as folks started to take sides with me. It was a good lesson and it showed me how crazy these folks can be and they are among our ranks.  These folks feed on junk journalism and what is coming mainly from the Bible Prophecy teachers fuels their insane beliefs.

4. Bible Prophecy Teachers Takes Positions Against All That Fulfills Bible Prophecy.

This leads to the final area that I differ from Bible Prophecy experts or Bible Prophecy teachers. All of these commentators take position against what they describe as the fulfillment of prophecy in the Bible. For instance globalization and world leaders who are globalists are deemed evil. Indirectly Bible Prophecy teachers are telling their reader that they should be against globalization and what is occurring in the world that fulfills Bible Prophecy.  This message comes through very loud and clear.
I differ with the current writers on Bible Prophecy and prophecy in the Bible because I do not speak against what is predicted as all other prophecy experts. This was not the attitude of the prophets concerning any of the prophecies.  We do not even see Jesus judge rather we see him warn as to what the signs are that lead up to the end of the world, i.e. Armageddon.  He warns the Jews living in Israel at that end time to flee when the Abomination of Desolation takes place. He tells them what will take place and they are to run for their lives for from that event then there will be great Tribulation until the end of the world. Bible Prophecy even specifies the number of days from that event.
The examples of the writer‚Äôs attitude toward the end time prophecies in the Bible are numerous. The prophet Daniel was taken captive by¬† Nebuchadnezzar and yet told him his kingdom was established by God and he served him in his kingdom. Daniel predicted the future that would evolve from Babylon and lead to the end of the world. In any of Daniel‚Äôs discussions with Nebuchadnezzar we do not hear him make any judgments on Babylon or of Nebuchadnezzar himself. So why do today‚Äôs Bible Prophecy experts take it upon themselves to make part of their mission to speak against prophecy in the Bible by speaking against what is predicted?¬†¬† The task is to tell that it is happening in line with prophecy in the Bible Prophecy.¬† Is it now over 20 times we read in the New Testament, especially in the book of Matthew, ‚Äúthat it might be fulfilled‚ÄĚ every time a prophetic forecast saw fulfillment.¬† With the 7th Trumpet of Revelation comes the ‚ÄúIt is done‚ÄĚ proclamation, which is the same phrase Jesus used on the cross when he completed the work of redemption that had been predicted in prophecy in the Bible. We see the same statement at the finale of the end of the world. So if all of this is God‚Äôs will why are Bible Prophecy experts writing against what they write as the fulfillment of the forecasts?
Bible Prophecy experts miss Revelation 17 in reference to the Beast of Revelation where it states concerning the Kings, that ‚ÄúGod has put in their hearts‚ÄĚ to give their kingdom to the Beast.¬† ¬†Bible Prophecy experts also miss the little detail in Revelation 13:15 where it states about the false prophet breathing life into the image of the beast, ‚Äúhe was granted power.‚ÄĚ ¬†Who grants the false prophet this power? God. There is only one side we should take in our position and that is the desire of the fulfillment of prophecy in the Bible. ¬†Bible Prophecy experts treat these forecasts as if they usher in God‚Äôs judgment rather than that they are part of God‚Äôs judgment.

The Biblical Magi

This is why I have separated myself from many Bible Prophecy experts and have differentiated myself as a Biblical Magi and am the first to use that term.  Three kings is  legend, the truth is that in the Bible no one knows the exact number of Magi, but they were both Biblical Scholars and understood, astronomy, the politics of their day and they were analysts.  They were not the priests or scribes, but rather from the East and had enough Biblical acumen to know exactly what they were looking for and where.
They were recognized by Herod and he consulted them because at the time there was no living prophet to consult. Their knowledge of Bible Prophecy, or prophecy in the Bible was so keen with one reference to the star and other references in Bible Prophecy they came to the location of Jesus. Jesus Himself mentions sending ‚Äúwise men‚ÄĚ in Matthew 23:34.
Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city:  
Many Bible Prophecy teachers are not modern day Biblical wise men and women.  
This is where Erika Grey differs.  I am a journalist and I do write for secular publications and I interview authorities.  I write on the European Union not only to a secular audience, but also to evangelicals on how what is happening in the EU relates to Bible Prophecy.   Like others I also follow Russia and the United States and the Middle East and Israel. I provide analysis from a geopolitical perspective because if it cannot be fulfilled geopolitically the speculation has to be discarded.   
I offer my readers analysis and commentary that is as accurate as is humanly possible.  It is my opinion that anyone guilty of what I described who insists on their ways should only stick with the signs of the end times and showing that we are in the end times and stay out of the political analysis. Others will hopefully use this information to improve their sites and what they report.   In general Bible prophecy experts butcher the analysis end and provide their reader with inaccurate information. They rely on their emotions and on yours and are blinded to the fact that their reporting on how Bible Prophecy relates to current affairs, world events and the latest news, lacks any standards and only mounts on the pile of junk journalism and lies that are taught in the name of truth.   
In Conclusion:


1.Many Bible Prophecy experts lack professional standards and methods held to by journalists.
2,Bible Prophecy experts rely too much on the latest news headlines.
3.Bible Prophecy teachers twist Scriptures to conform to the latest news headlines
4.Bible Prophecy teachers take positions against all that fulfills Bible Prophecy.


Erika uses journalist standards in her fact finding on the European Union and world affairs.
Erika Grey actually writes on the EU in secular publications
Erika Grey does not twist Scripture to conform to her analysis
Erika Grey is the first Bible Prophecy teacher to provide the gaps-areas that we have not arrived at yet that we are awaiting to further evolve in the lead up to the Tribulation
Erika Grey’s analysis are all geopolitical possibilities
Erika Grey takes positions in line with the prophecy in the Bible and not against it.
Erika Grey is a Biblical Magi, This Means She is a Biblical Scholar, a researcher, analyst, and journalist to provide to her reader the most accurate assessment available, which you can find in her books and her soon to be published MAGI REPORT.

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