From Plauges to Politics the Signs are Rapidly Unfolding

The end time signs are in full force. So much so that there is no way I can humanly keep up with them all. So I leave the social ills and a good deal of the weather for other prophecy writers, while I will recap some in those areas and focus on the plagues and politics. In the area of geopolitics there is more than enough to keep up with . The events of late that are worth highlighing as as follows:

US Pushes for Revived Empire’s Army

According to Politico EU The Center for American Progress, A Biden policy Think Tank urged the Prez to push the EU into a military power to reduce NATO costs. No doubt this will help it to become the dreadful army of the Antichrist that will one day trounce the world.

Another Hit at US Dollar- One up for Revived Empire

In response to US sanctions Russia announced it is removing US dollars from its national wealth fund and shifting to Euros a one up for the EU revived Roman Empire that will be ruled by the Antichrist andstrike against the US dollar and US empire.

Prophecy Update-Cyber Attacks Catalyst for Global Order

We have had a second cyberattack, first in the US gas industry and the second to hit the meat industry, each coming from Russia, this is another level of warfare that will require a global effect in combatting as you can decimate an entire economy through hacking. One more plug for a globalized world order that will be the Antichrist’s.

This Plague Is Not Over Yet

At Moderna’s virtual event for investors the company told them that new COVID 19 Waves are coming. That is right, this plague is not over yet. Who would have expected this, we should not be surprised of any of these end time plagues which are bringing their own horror, we never anticipated, but even these don’t compare to the finale written in the book of Revelation: the Revelation plagues.

Israeli Elections and Prophecy

Its looks like Netanyahu is on his way out. The most significant development for prophecy watchers it the two year rotation from ultra-right to centrist/liberal. We know there is going to be a Meeting of the Quartet and we are expecting a peace setting the stage for Ezekiel 38, this rotation might lead to these developments.

US Spies on Revived Roman Empire

So much for closest allies, reports just came out about the US and Denmark spying on Agnela Merkel and other EU politicians from 2012-2014 and at the time Vice Prez Biden was involved. This isn’t the first time the US has spied on the EU, this evidences that even the US knows there is a potential threat from the evolving empire.

Plagues Plagues and More Plagues

The Sign of the Times are in full force, the Midwest now has a drought that is the worst in centuries. Australia is experiencing a mouse plague that is so horrific that you will never look at a rodent the same. From the smell of the urine to their climbing in bed and nibbling on toes and limbs to their total infestation of crops and homes. It is literally a plague of Biblical proportions. Only these are not the Revelation plagues, but a prelude as we get closer to the Tribulation.

This is what is getting real frightening. The Revelation plagues are cataclysmic and pure judgement. The current signs are a warning. Yet there is a fractal pattern to all of the signs. We can expect to experience famine and food shortages that will eventually lead to the great famine of Revelation 6. In addition at that time the US will have declined, the peace treaty will have been signed with Israel and the Antichrist will be heading the revived Roman Empire: the European Union.