Google Butcher’s Bible Prophecy Search Results

It is a worldwide myth that Google Search provides the best search results for all topics and this includes for Bible Prophecy and Bible Prophecy news.  

One believes that and the best of what the internet has to offer in its first pages.   It is my finding that Google Search butchers Bible Prophecy  and Bible Prophecy News searches.
We have all come to rely on Google and have given it carte blanch and have believed the myth that we are getting the best results and the most informative websites on the topics we research and this includes Bible Prophecy.
On the contrary on the first three pages of Google under the search for Bible Prophecy within the results are several non mainstream Bible Prophecy sites, and the sites of churches that Evangelicals regard as cults such as Jehovah Witnesses,  Seventh Day Adventists  and Armstongism.
Google emphasises that content is king but it really isn’t.  What is a big ranking factor is the number of backlinks,  and if content if being continuously uploaded.    The authority of a site is huge too, which is why the sites from the Adventists, Jehovah’s and Armstrongs are ranking in the top and are doing so well because they are big church’s with large number of followers giving their site more authority and backlinks.
A good example is under various Bible Prophecy  search terms my books will rank on Google’s top pages and bring you to the book on Amazon. But,   my website, which has a lot of written information  (content) on the topic  will not even rank in Google’s top pages or rank at all.
Every student of every subject relies on Google Search including in  the area of end time Bible Prophecy. It is a myth that Google is the Holy Grail of information. On the contrary, the internet just has become too big to get accurate results in the first pages.  Google techs who sit around and decide what constitues a website that should rank have killed the recipe by adding too many ingredients.  There is a saying that less is more and we experience this with cooking with fewer ingredients and Google in its early days provided better results than they do today. Unfortunatly,  the best information that might be available to you is invisible on the internet and also invisible on Youtube and unless that site were to advertise at Google’s expensive rates, the site will not be found.
 Youtube, which is owned by Google operates in the same manner.  Youtube ranks its videos based on number of views in the shortest time, and how long people stay watching the video.   This is also creating the same search results as on Google, meaning  those that are produced by the biggest channels from the largest outfits will always rank better and people coming onto the scene will literally become invisible on Youtube.
The fact is that Google has spent so much time trying to perfect search and based their algorithms on user experience that content is not king as Google claims.  The truth is that content is down on the list. Youtube  results are following the same path as Google Search pages.
There are so many SEO details that go into Googles ranking that lend to the invisibility of sites and take from the content of the site as a major indicator.  In the area of Bible Prophecy news if websites are designed by skilled website designers who know all of the ranking factors those sites will tend to rank than the websites put up by less skilled designers.  I happened to stumble accross and excellent Bible Prophecy site that will never rank but offers great information because its site does not have the leading SEO factors. Many have made a business on helping websites rank becuase they know all of Google’s SEO indicators.
In the end anyone doing a search for Bible Prophecy or Bible Prophecy news or updates is getting results that are not what they assume and are skewered. There are also many sites making in the first pages that are information sites offering many Biblical questions and answers and their main focus is not Bible Prophecy but because their sites have authority and lot of content continuously going up on the site, their information is showing up in the first pages of Google via a particular article that got a lot of backlinks. Several of these articles have little information in the area of Bible Prophecy because they are only writing a small piece on one topic.
 This is not to say that Google is not useful on some searches but in the area of Bible Prophecy Google’s algorithm butchers the results and you are not getting information rich websites on Bible Prophecy.  If you are relying on Google for the best in Bible Prophecy websites and Bible Prophecy news, don’t, the results are butchered by Google’s SEO requirements.  Google, which has led the world in AI and with its proclamations of a world soon to be dominated by AI, repeats the story of the shoemaker who needs to fix the holes in his shoes, the builder whose own house is broken down, Google Search is a mess and oftentime delivers poor search results.
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