How to Spot Fake News in End Time Bible Prophecy news

The Huffington Post wrote several pieces on Fake News and it is coming from many areas,  the liberal left, the Right, YouTube creators whose headlines state an untrue sensational fact to get you to click on the link and in the YouTube world this is called clickbait and when the video does not resemble the headline, the headline can still stick in your mind. 

My concern is the fake news that proliferates on your Bible Prophecy websites that do what I do and that is relate news to end time Bible Prophecy and tell you the latest headlines that are fulfilling end  time Bible Prophecy.

What is tragic is that on the list of fake news sites are several evangelical Christian sites. 

1.     There are lists out there such as fake news watch and you can check the list.

2.     If the site is dominated in US politics with an emphasis on the republicans vs. democrats it is not an end time Bible Prophecy site and is mis representing itself to you.

3.     If the sources listed are not top of the line in the news world, discount it.  An indicator is reliance on US news media alone.

4.     If you do not see a name that you recognize as a new’s site, investigate the site further, but when it doubt click off the site.

5.     If an end time teacher who is known as an end time teacher relays news to you, such as Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, or myself make sure they are providing mainstream news and check on what sources they use.

6.     If the news references any conspiracy click off it immediately.  End Time Bible Prophecy does not come about via a conspiracy of any shape or form, but via geopolitics.   

For a list of good news sources here goes:

News Wires-Associated Press, Reuters, UPI
Mainstream global Media Outlets in both the EU, US, Israel, Russia, and China, some have more prestige than others such as the Financial Times over the Wall Street Journal, Euractiv over Politico EU,
Think tanks in both the EU and US and these each have a bias
Foreign policy journals
World Organization publications
Central Bank publications, press releases and speeches
White House Briefing Room
Knesset Press Releases
The Kremlin
The European Commission reports, press releases, audio visual
The European Parliament reports, press releases, speeches from the MEP’s
Leading University’s such as London School of Economics, MIT,
Interviews with leaders and notables in their fields
Twitter accounts and Facebook pages of leading politicians
EU Political Party president pages, press releases and speeches
In addition I favor and follow the EU news outlets over the US outlets as they provide more EU news and better global coverage than US outlets which are slanted toward entertaining and you can see this in the varying images of the news casters from this side of the Atlantic to European newscasters.   In addition a good deal of news is just omitted because it is not enough to grab the US’s viewers’ attention.  For this reason you will never see any US news outlet as my leading sources.
When you come to for Bible Prophecy news you are getting analysis based on top of the line sources and you also get what the mainstream media has not yet reported as I go behind the scenes, and only as it relates to end time Bible Prophecy. 

 Finally, your Bible Prophecy news person must not only be a journalist but also a Bible Scholar with a good grasp on the prophetic forecasts. 

 For more on end time Bible Prophecy and for Bible Prophecy news subscribe to my channel prophecy talk today. 

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