How to Study Bible Prophecy in 10 Steps

Many wonder how to study Bible Prophecy, I have provided 10 simple steps to help you study Bible prophecy.

1. Be familiar with all 66 books of the Bible.number

2. Have a good understanding of the basic teachings of Bible Prophecy

3. Compare Scripture with Scripture ALWAYS

4. Have access to a concordance and go into the original Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic root of the word.number.

5. Consult commentaries from various theologians.

6. It goes without saying, to make sure you are born again and being led by the Spirit and pray for wisdom.

7. Study, study, study.

What you need to study Bible Prophecy 

8. An analytical mind

9. Abstract reasoning ability

Bible Prophecy crosses the dimensions of the physical and spiritual world. In addition, the Word of God itself is dimensional. The Biblical Magi understood this. They came to the actual birthplace of Christ with one reference to a star and to the exact location of the young Jesus despite the prophetic verse’s ambiguity. A seemingly simple phrase can possess a good deal of depth that you must have the ability to uncover. An example is the reason the Magi brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to the young Jesus. These gifts revealed the Magi’s acumen of the Mosaic law with the herbal formulations given to Moses and their purpose.

In Bible Prophecy there are many correlations in the Bible that you must have to ability to find and relate. You must be able to detect which prophecies are talking about what is past and what is yet future and to which forecast they belong.  In addition, what is literal and figurative and then relate these to current and historical events.

And the last point brings us to:

10. Consult the same news sources as journalists and hold to high standards in where you obtain your information.

End Time bible Prophecy is a puzzle that you piece together to provide an analysis and you must get all of the pieces to fit.

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