In Bible Prophecy Will Nuclear Bomb Strike United States?

Bible Prophecy does not specifically answer the question if a nuclear bomb will strike the United States, because that kind of detail is not offered in the Scriptures.  Bible Prophecy does provide prophecies of the end time leading up to the battle of Armageddon and the end of the world.From these forecasts we can speculate on events. 

Concerning if a nuclear attack of the United States is possible based on Bible Prophecy, the answer is yes the possibility exists and for several reasons.

The prophetic writings are dimensional  in that they offer a lot of information with few words. It is in these words that a Bible Prophecy expert with a decent knowledge of world affairs or geopolitics can begin to offer speculations.  

  • ¬† ¬†¬†The prediction that “nation will rise against nation” foretold by Jesus, should be taken literally and it will characterize the end times. ¬†

 The United States, Russia and Ukraine

While we are seeing this prophecy fulfill in many areas around the globe, ¬†this article’s focus is on the United State‚Äôs response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. ¬†I have stated from its onset that this conflict is between the EU and Russia. The United States has no business butting into this dispute and it took an aggressor‚Äôs role just as Bible Prophecy predicts in its phrase ‚Äúnation will rise against nation‚ÄĚ.
Background Info on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
The conflict started with the EU flag waving in Kiev and the EU expanding into Ukraine which is a border country for Russia.   When the EU signed agreements with the Eastern bloc nations which are now members of the EU, Russia did not react as dramatically as it did with Ukraine.  It was obvious that  with the Ukraine, this is where Russia draws the line. Considering that Ukraine has 44 million citizens and is the second largest land mass in Europe, possessing the second largest military and its land is rich in agricultural products, Russia’s move was not so surprising.  

The Ukraine conflict is the first conflict in this age of empires and is between the EU empire and the Russian empire with both obviously having interest in the country.  Nearly 18% of the Ukraine speak Russian and the ties to Russia go deep.
The United States As Aggressor
Not only did the United States jump in uninvited and issue sanctions against Russia before the European Union issued theirs, but President Obama went off like a rodeo riding cowboy with talk of sending arms to Ukraine.  This did not sit well with Vladimir Putin who essentially promised World War III in retaliation.   If we thought that King Abdullah was more than a little upset and we saw his response to the brutal murder of Jordan’s pilot, Vladimir Putin’s reaction is not going to be any less retaliatory.   You might ask well what about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, clearly this is Russia rising against the EU, but it invasion was a reaction to EU politics into Ukraine.   
What is the United States Thinking?
Did Obama actually think he was helping the European Union by escalating the crisis with the threat of arms?¬†¬† I thought to myself how Ukraine was going to become our next Vietnam.¬†¬† Vladimir Putin was thinking along the same lines and when issuing a warning to the US he stated the same. According to the BBC, Vladimir Putin‚Äôs close ally stated, “First they sent weapons, then they sent military advisers, then troops to protect military advisers, then troops to fight the Vietnamese.”
What could easily be observed from everyone watching the situation except the US administration is the harm this would have caused the European Union and the risk to their own security.  Our President was ready to send arms without consulting the EU or taking into consideration how it would jeopardize the peace of Europe who Vladmir Putin might first lash out against in retaliation.  
The news of a cease fire and an agreement offers some relief, but the United States looks like an aggressor, a bully and a weakened power that is still trying to show it has power. Our president’s foreign policy is like that of a rodeo riding cowboy.  Notice the United States was not involved in the peace talks if anything we nearly started World War 3 and our relations with Vladimir Putin are now officially strained.
Democrats and Republicans Are to Blame
For all of the talk of the Democrats being behind the insanity our country usually faces, which usually they are, this time I have to hand it to the Republicans for joining the rodeo and living in the dark ages of the Cold War.  The Republicans were speaking their fair share of  nonsense regarding how Vladmir Putin wanted to expand into Europe.  Joe Biden also rode his own wild horse in the rodeo.  His speech on arming the Ukrainians so that they can defend themselves  leaves one with the impression that the United States takes on the roles of the policeman of the world,  and also the parent who must correct the wrongs of the nations. 

In the Ukraine conflict the United States showed its stupidity in foreign policy, which I have written about in previous articles. The US nearly ignited World War 3 and could have possibly been on the road to the receiving end of a nuclear warhead.  You can only poke the Russian bear for so long and the US has been sadistically poking the bear.  Sending arms goes directly into mama bear’s den threatens her cubs.
The US’s Rodeo Riding President and Vice President
Angela Merkel on her visit to the White House had to reign in the rodeo riding Obama from such a move. During President Obama’s State of the Union speech he took great pride in destroying the Russian economy and viewed this as a great accomplishment. If this was now not enough, he is now possibly the catalyst for a nuclear strike against the United States or World War 3 as it is dubbed.     Russia has been throwing hints ever since the sanctions of its nuclear might and weapons and willingness to use them.  

What makes matters even worse is that with the United State’s enormous deficit it is ready to spend more money by sending arms into another conflict  that it does not belong and possibly ignite a war that it cannot afford to fight. As Joseph Biden’s spoke so pompously and challenged Russia, how many middle class Americans are paying taxes they cannot afford to pay and struggling to get by each month so that our government can now take those tax dollars and literally throw them away and spend them on conflicts that do not effect US interests. Thank goodness there was the cease fire, but I do not believe we are at the end of this road yet, our rodeo riding spend thrifty leaders will rise in the rodeo again .
Russian acknowledged Merkel’s stance against the United States and according to Reuters appealed to Germany and France to safeguard the peace in Ukraine to prevent the United States sending in weapons.
  • ¬† ¬† ¬†There is no depiction of the United States in the end time power line up.
Bible Prophecy clearly depicts and empire age with a leading empire in the geopolitical picture of the earth’s final days leading to Armageddon.   Some Bible Prophecy experts have erroneously identified the United States as the leading empire, but most agree the US is not found in Bible Prophecy. There is a citation in Jeremiah 22:6 that I believe identifies the United States and this reference possibly is the United States on the way to the battle of Armageddon.

  In the book of Jeremiah it is described as a great nation from the sides of the earth and this fits the United States.  We do know that according to Bible Prophecy the United States is not going to be the ruling empire, which leads to several scenarios.   

Many Bible Prophecy experts know that we will see a decline of US power.  This is the second reason that a nuclear attack on US soil is a possibility and such an attack would add to the perils predicted that will characterize the end times leading to the earth’s final years.  It would also add impetus to other prophetic forecasts. 

A nuclear attack on US soil is a possibility based on Bible Prophecy, is it a certainty? No, it is not certain, but can occur. Russia has the capabilities of launching such an attack. ¬†The United States’ nuclear deterrence is not sophisticated enough to stop one.¬†

 If the United States arms Ukraine, which Russia would consider an act of war, it might cause Russia to retaliate by launching a nuclear warhead on US soil. Within the details given in Bible Prophecy the probability exists, but I stress possibility, but because it is a feasible scenario, it makes this conflict one to watch.    

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