In End Times New Hurricane Terms in Era of Extreme Weather

In these end times with the frequency and increase of devastating hurricanes also termed as extreme weather, which is also a new end time term along with “climate change” we have new hurricane terms in our vocabulary.

The “hurricane age” and modern technology have ushered in new hurricane terms that are becoming common during hurricanes. For those of us who have lived through the recent hurricanes of Irene and Sandy we have become familiar with these new terms; they are:

Charging Stations- Large number of people lose electrical power during a hurricane. There is only so much battery time they have on their cell phones, laptops or other devices. These persons can now go to charging stations to charge their cell phones and other gadgets when they lose power during a hurricane.

Community Shelters and Hot Meals-These are not area homeless shelters, but rather community shelters that are set up to help those forced to evacuate their homes. They are usually located in local high schools or other town buildings. Many will also provide meals. Some will only supply hot meals for those who do not need a shelter, but only need a hot meal because they are unable to cook. Some will offer shelter only, meals only or both shelter and meals.

Showers– These are set up for those who are without power and need to shower. They are erected in local high schools or other town buildings that possess showers. In Connecticut, Planet Fitness offered its facility for showers providing the locations have electrical power..

In addition, terms that were once seldom heard in our hurricane verbiage are now becoming commonplace such as:



National Guard

State of Emergency

These were words, which once shocked us, but they have become everyday “end of the world weather” end time hurricane terms and are part of routine procedure.

We are watching mayors and governors enact measures that once were unthinkable. With the approach of Hurricane Sandy, New York City stopped all public transit and shut down major bridges such as the George Washington Bridge and the Whitestone Bridge. New Jersey even entered a new hurricane term into the mix: Federal Disaster, which they declared their state.

The increasing rate of devastating hurricanes has brought certain terms into our vocabulary. For those who have not yet experienced or lived through any and who may yet suffer though one, comfort yourself in knowing that your town or city will most likely follow suit with other communities. Charging stations, community shelters, hot meals and community showers will be available to you as well.

Jesus in the Gospels predicted that we would see signs in nature and an increase in natural disasters and extreme weather. ¬† Each of us who relate Bible Prophecy to current affairs look for these events as sign of the end times. ¬†Since the 1990’s the severity has spiked just as Jesus pointed warned and as a result we have ¬†new hurricane terms in our vocabulary that are now commonplace.

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