Insurrection Crackdown-Evangelicals Drinking KoolAid of New Fascism

Rape, assassination, guillotines for the liberals, this was the conversation on Parlor. At the Capital insurrection police found homemade napalm and discovered the insurrectionists urinated and defecated all over its rooms. Not to mention an officer was beaten with a flagpole. Right now, there are metal detectors in the Capital for each Member of Congress. There were initially15 thousand National Guard soldiers and his has been increased to 25 thousand. These include snipers at the Capital in anticipation of 10,000 armed so-called Patriots fighting the inauguration. In these end times a good number of Evangelicals are part of this evil, and violence. The internet has cracked down on all the fake news platforms inciting their Revolution. Evangelicals are crying censorship of conservative news, which is actually fake news and propaganda.

Propaganda and disinformation,which is biased and misleading Information  keeps people In dictatorships out of touch with real world news.

Evangelicals and conservatives In search of news that informed them from a conservative viewpoint, turned to right leaning US media outlets. With the growth of the internet alternative news touting the truth became more numerous. A majority of Evangelical end time Bible prophecy sites relied on them for new’s coverage.  Only they did not all really give the truth but lies.

One of these Breitbart News was founded in 2007, but Breitbart died in March of 2012 at the age of 43 from a heart attack. Right after Steve Bannon who had been a founding member and served on the paper’s board became Breitbart New’s executive chair and he directed the paper to the far right. In addition, he added conspiracy theories. These had circulated in Evangelical circles prior to the internet.  Breitbart had the Evangelical readership, and they didn’t notice the change.

Without these readers knowing it, they were drinking the Kool Aid of propaganda and learning the catch phrases of their indoctrination. These included: Democrats, always said in a derogatory manner, liberals, socialists, New World Order, globalists, deep state, and elites. Democrats were written about routinely as the embodiment of all evil, second to Satan himself. In addition, all other publications were deemed liberal and of no value.

When Donald Trump ran for President in 2016, his aim was to win.  He teamed with his longtime friend, lobbyist, the immoral conservative political consultant and self-proclaimed dirty trickster Roger Stone. During Trump’s campaign Stone promoted a number of lies and conspiracy theories. . He orchestrated hundreds of fake Facebook accounts and bloggers on social media. Many of Stone’s fake stories were shared as gospel on Christian’s Facebook feeds. Stone also had affiliation with the Proud Boys and had them act as his security on an occasion.  He is close to their leader. Brietbart was promoting Trump’s win on its website.  About 15 months after his campaign started Trump asked Bannon to join.  Bannon greatly influenced Trump in his America First policy and anti-globalist agenda. It also gave Trump the rhetoric to please those who voted him into power.

Bannon had Evangelicals as readership, and he knew this was a large number of voters and how to reach them.  Although Trump had donated to the hated liberals by these groups such as Hillary Clinton and Kamila Harris, he got the endorsement from Liberty University’s now fallen president Jerry Falwell Jr, and name pastors. James Dobson even came out on Trump’s behalf.

 Initially Trump catered to his Evangelical electorate and did what no other President had done he moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. False prophet Mark Taylor’s book sales exploded, these relayed his Trump dreams and visions and comparing him to Cyrus.

But as the 2020 election grew closer, Trump grew more conspiracy theorist.  Now having within his circle Q Anon conspiracy theorists and Falon Gong’s Epic Times. These are a cult out of China which embrace all conspriracy’s and ultimate aim is to draw readers into their group. Evangelicals failed to recognize this or Trump’s liaison with the White Supremist Proud Boys.  As Evangelicals were complaining about AOC and others, Q Anon Adherents were getting elected in the House and put into office.

 In many Evangelicals eyes Donald Trump could do no wrong. Even after his constant lies about how he won the election.  The Internet clamped down on Trump and banned him and the propaganda outlets. Evangelicals did not realize that through these publications they had now aligned themselves with fascists.  Donald Trump ushered in “New Fascism.”  These Republicans are no longer conservatives but fascists.

Evangelical websites are crying censorship. But, theirs is not conservative news, it is lies, propaganda and disinformation. The internet is also about to get revamped by the EU’s Digital Services act. What happened in the US is now going to speed that process along. This means that the Tech Company’s of these big social markets will be greatly fined for allowing the publication of falsehoods and conspiracy’s. The online world ahead is going to look quite different, as these websites, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts and Facebook are all eliminated.  Some of these in part were started by Roger Stone to win Trump the election.  

As the inauguration is coming with threats to all 50 capitals and our President who has done what no President has ever done before, tried to steal an election and finally instigate a coup, and an insurrection, there is another shocker.  Donald Trump did not just make America great again, if anything he just greatly helped bring in the decline of the US, as well as more end time violence and most of all he helped move the Revived Roman Empire, the EU into the number one slot, to which the US is now second and unfolded end time Bible Prophecy.