Is There An Angel of Death?

Yes, there is an angel or rather a principality named death.   There is a principality named Death and he is mentioned several times in the Revelation.

We see him as one of the four horsemen of the Revelation and Hades follows him. Revelation 6:8 Revelation 20: 13-14 mentioned Death and Hades as giving up their dead and then being thrown into the lake of fire.

We can assume that Death entered his position at the garden when man ate the apple and left the spiritual realm of the garden to enter the earthly realm of Satan. This meant that Death could have power over man and cause him to die.

The apple actually changed man’s body chemistry because it was the bread of death so to speak. ¬†So yes there is an angel of death but he is not called by that name in the Bible, he is named Death.

We also see idolatry and worship of the angel of death that many do not realize they are even worshiping. Every time you see someone wearing a skeleton or shrouded skeleton they are are wearing one of Death’s symbols. We see this in heavy metal rock music, on many tattoos and especially at Halloween time. ¬† More recently we also see armies taking on the attire of death by wearing all black.

When someone dies and goes to hell or to Hades which is part of Death’s domain, an angel of death which is one of Death’s demons if not Death himself carries the body to Hades.

Death is one of the principalities and powers that Paul describes that we battle. During the Tribulation Death is given his part as is Hades. We also see the Israeli peace treaty is referred to as a Covenant with Death, and with Hell Israel is in agreement so we see in this verse that Death and Hades are once again seen together. ¬† Once an unbeliever dies he goes to Hades. ¬† At the Tribulation’s end Death and Hades are thrown into the lake of fire, and there is no more Death.

How frightening it must be for an unbeliever at the moment of death to have the angel of death bring your soul to Hades. ¬† How horrific to have to see upon dying the ghastly face of death or of one of his demons. ¬†In the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus we are told that the angels carried Lazarus into Abraham’s bosom, but we are never told how the rich man was taken to Hades. ¬† He was taken via an angel of death.

You do not have to experience Death and Death will have no power over you if you trust in Christ. If you believe in Jesus you are given the gift of eternal life. Read more of ¬†the Bible’s Message of Hope

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