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Bible Prophecy centers around the nation of Israel. The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union devotes an entire chapter to the Peace Treaty, which the Antichrist signs with Israel and which launches in the seven- year Tribulation period. Below are a series of links for Bible Prophecy watchers who are keeping an eye on Israel because of its importance in Bible Prophecy.

Bible Prophecy watchers follow the latest developments in the Peace Process, and the Temple Mount area.

Here on the Israel link page I devote a section ¬†to US/Israeli relations because it is the belief of Evangelical Christians that America in part attained its status and prosperity because it had God’s blessing for being a friend of Israel. Genesis 12:3 states:¬†I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all of the families of the earth shall be blessed.¬† The US and Israel relations section examines this relationship in light of this blessing and as a¬†possible contributing factor¬†for the collapse of America the great.¬†¬†The EU/Israel watch is strictly from the perspective of the EU’s role in the peace process. Lastly a section with headlines relating to Israel becoming a member of the European Union which¬†The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union¬†discusses in detail.

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Bible Prophecy forecasts the rebuilding of the Third Jewish Temple .¬†This is the place where Jesus warns that the Antichrist will place the abomination of desolation which marks the middle of the Tribulation period and the beginning of the Great Tribulation, which Jesus said ushers in ‚ÄúGreat Tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world no, nor ever shall be‚ÄĚ (Matt: 24:21.) ¬†The Third Temple must be built on the Temple Mount which two Islamic mosques currently occupy. The Temple Mount Faithful is a group that advocates rebuilding the Third Temple on the Temple Mount area.¬†¬† For updates on the Temple Mount go to their site and you can also subscribe to their newsletter for recent updates.

Temple Mount Faithful

You can follow the Temple Mount Faithful on Facebook. and get more information about them on the Temple Mount Faithful in Wikipedia

For some great information, interesting  facts and articles on the Temple Mount area go to

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem


For a site  devoted to analysis in the fields of terrorism, intelligence, military affairs, and politics. which offers streaming updates go to theDepka File

For Israel National News

Arutz Sheva Israel National News

For Commentary, News and Analysis

Emet News Service

Headline Stores and Commentaries Listed by Topic. Great Updates, also an update on US/Israel relations and a link to articles concerning Christian Zionists which should interest readers who frequent this site.

Jerusalem Newswire


Updates on America and the Middle East

EIN: Israel US News


European Jewish Press: EU Israeli Affairs

EUROPA: Delegation of the European Union to Israel

Europa:  EU External Relations: Israel


Italy Urges Better EU/Isreal Ties

Israel’s EU Upgrade to be Put Off Again

EU Boosts Israel Ties: Ignores Illegal Settlements


Italy Backs Israel for EU Membership

Wikipedia on Israel/European Union Relations and Israel Membership 

Analysis: Israel Weighing EU Membership


Regarding the nation of Israel, takes a Zionist viewpoint.   The borders that God provides in the Scriptures are the borders that should belong to Israel and Jerusalem (undivided) is the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is not up for grabs to the world’s religious groups: Christians, Catholics and Islamic, but belongs to the nation of Israel.


The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union refutes all conspiracy theories by providing sound research.  Unfortunately, conspiracy theories circulate in Christian circles and some target Jewish leaders and businessmen. takes the view that these theories fuel the fires of anti-Semitism.  For this reason this site recommends a book which squarely faces off against the king of all conspiracies from which all the others branch out from: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

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