Looking for Unfolding Prophecy in all the Wrong places while Final Empire Rising

If ever you want to get disinformed with lies and idiocy, go to the mainstream Bible Prophecy news channels. Never has disinformation in prophecy been at its height than now as we get closer to the start of the Tribulation. Many prophecy watchers think they are watchmen but if they are hooked into the wrong teacher, they are only outlets of false information and lies and not watchmen at all. They like their teachers are looking for the unfolding of prophecy in all the wrong places.

I am happy to say that my audience are watchmen, you guys send me great articles and information that I miss at times. I am impressed by the depth and quality of what you send.  Jesus said in Matthew 23:34 Therefore I send you prophets and wise men and scribes, some of whom you will kill and crucify, and some you will flog in your synagogues and persecute from town to town. This persecution happened to the early church and down through the ages. But wise men also include women.  Wise men in the Greek means skilled, expert cultivated, learned, of Greek philosophers and orators, of Jewish theologians, of Christian teachers in other words academics, scholars. We see in ancient Babylon the academics or wise men who were in king Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom of which the prophet Daniel was one. At the time of Christ, the wise men understood the prophetic forecasts and knew when and where to find the Christ child. Moreover they were consulted and respected by Herod. This is not the case today.

In today’s Bible Prophecy News, you have pastors called to the pastorate acting as prophecy teachers. You also have anyone with an interest putting up a website. On Jan Markel’s Olive Tree site, it states,

Jan spends the hour with Pastor Billy Crone. Tyranny is rising daily as the World Economic Forum races to install global government. This is reality, not conspiracy. The push for globalism the last 200 years could culminate in the very near future. All of this is outlined for us in the Bible.

I wanted to laugh when I read this because it is so off the wall.  Pastor Billy Crone cannot possibly be a prophecy teacher while also being a pastor, which is more than a full time job. To make up for his lack of time in the study of prophecy and world affairs he has obviously taken the short cut of adopting ridiculous ideas based on conspiracy theories, which are not happening.  There is no race at the World Economic forum for installing a global government and moreover this phrase was adopted by theologians years ago and became cliché.  When we dig deeper into the Bible, we see that in fact it is an empire, a final world empire that will have global rule.  It will be the preeminent empire at the time of the Tribulation and will be headed by the Antichrist.  How much clearer a picture could God provide of this empire than by revealing the empires that would lead to the final world empire in the book of Daniel. Or the picture of the Beast with 7 to 8 heads, which are past empires with the 7nth and 8th head the final world empire. .  Jan Markel’s website further states that “all of this is outlined for us in the Bible. IT IS?  I just showed you what is outlined a final world empire. That’s right an empire. It’s not a new world order and the world economic forum has no power to install any government let alone a global government. At most it brings together globalists who share their visions and ideas for policy. More specifically in the EU it is called European Federalism and is the ideology that actually drives the Union.

Bible Prophecy teaches of a coming final empire,  the prophet Daniel was sick for three weeks over the Revelation of it and he said it was exceedingly dreadful and powerful. While receiving the vision of the Antichrist and the abomination of desolation and his war against the holy people. Daniel 8:27 states, “And I, Daniel, fainted and was sick for days; afterward I arose and went about the king’s business. I was astonished by the vision, but no one understood it. We see the Antichrist heading the empire and not one brought about by a conspiracy. Nowhere is a conspiracy taught in the Scriptures. Yet the Empire the Bible predicted is already here but not yet in its final form.

This does not mean that globalization is not a characteristic of the end times, it is. This is what the Scripture gives a glimpse to of the world in the last days. But the final world empire leads the world into global governance.  The ideology for this already exists in the European Union empire. As I said it is European Federalism.  You will also hear terms like the European Project or the European Movement. The prophecy teachers of today are not familiar with this movement or project that is decades old because it takes too much reading to know of its existence.  A prophecy teacher study to gain in depth knowledge of the topic they are teaching on? What’s that.

I am going to say something that won’t be well received: only an idiot or a moron would make such a ridiculous statement that is void of any knowledge of the current multipolar geopolitical framework or how world affairs are conducted. This is the trash that is pumped out by the big Christian networks and the prophecy channels.  The audience for this garbage is huge and they are not real watchmen or real watchers. The remnant which you guys are, are the real watchers.

Then there is Asmir Tsarfati who did a piece on the coming one world religion, and he has like 900k views on this piece.  This is nearly 900k people who are deceived because there is no one world religion coming. That is another catch phrase that is a century old and was made via speculation of the Whore of Babylon riding the Beast of Revelation 17 and 18.  Frankly there is no indication, of an organized one world religion derived from the passage. I don’t know how they came to this speculation.

Since the empire has now formed and is evolving, I can tell you specifically what the Whore of Babylon is, for which I wrote a book. It is The Catholic Church, which was very influential in the formation of the Revived Romen empire.  The founding fathers of the European Union were all exemplary Catholics who chose to serve the church through politics. EU founder Robert Schuman, the Catholic Church has been trying to make a Saint. The Archduke Otto Von Hapsburg who headed the globalist organization Pan Europa, was responsible for bringing the Eastern bloc nations into the EU, the Catholic church wanted to make his father a Saint. That gives you an idea of how Catholic the archduke otto von Hapsburg was and he wanted Pan Europa to be a Catholic leaning organization.  The idea of unifying nations to bring peace finds its roots in Catholic doctrine of the brotherhood of man and the potential for peace on earth. Each pope has made contributions, and especially Pope Francis who is a proponent of European Federalism, which wants a Federal Union and then this federal union to lead the globe into global governance.  If you visit the Vatican, you see that within the museum are the Roman, Greek and Egyptian gods, these were embraced by even the early popes.  All the gods in the Pantheon are at the Vatican. With the unfolding of all the above events we can clearly see the meaning of the Whore of Babylon when we see the Catholic church’s influence on the European union. Even a principle in EU law is derived from Catholicism called Subsidiarity. Ecumenicalism and joining with other churches is not new, this also was the case in ancient times but in different forms. Isis became Ishtar, and later Diana, it was all the same a a variation as is today.

Having said all this prophecy teachers also get the peace treaty with Israel wrong; this is the one by the Antichrist. Jesus provided a statement that is dimensional and gives a big clue as to what is in the treaty as do other passages in the Bible. But instead, prophecy teachers jump on every peace initiative as “the Treaty” and this even includes a two-state solution, which violates Scripture. There will be no two-state solution. Somehow in prophecy it is the status quo for the last 40 plus years to say that the Rapture can happen at any moment, and all is in place. How much will you all listen to that before you turn away to realize we are still here. I know a man who turned away from Bible Prophecy altogether because he became obsessed with Sid Roth’s channel regarding the arrival of the alien Savior.

Having said all of that here is now the latest in prophecy news and the building of the empire. First of all it is a bonified empire, this was made clear by former Commission President Manuel Barroso fourteen years ago. This tells you how out of touch with world affairs Bible Prophecy News Channels are.  

Speaking of the empire there was conflict this week when Europe’s last dictator Alexander Lukashenko the president of Belarus flew in migrants from the Middle East and elsewhere and sent them over the border into Europe using them as a weapon in retaliation for EU issued sanctions over his illegal election. Russia even flew two nuclear capable strategic bombers on a training mission over Belarus. This led the Europeans to feel that Russia also fueled this crisis.  As was stated many years ago, what ever the crisis the answer is always the same more Europe.  With the Conference on the Future of Europe taking place the call came for a common migration and asylum policy but even more so Joseph Borrell the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs stated, “Europe is in danger”, and the time for the bloc to be a soft power is over. “In a world in which everything can be turned into a weapon, it is not enough to pretend we can just be a soft power,” Borrell said, referencing the crisis on the EU’s border with Belarus, He also stated that “We need to have rapid deployment capabilities.

 I have reported in past broadcasts that the structure for an army already is in place in the EU and in prophecy we know this army will exist.  This structure was laid out in the Lisbon Treaty and has evolved since.  What is missing is the army. The troops.  The EU is working on this, and a paper was leaked called the Strategic Compass, a military strategy document, which aims to establish a repaid deployment force by 2025.  A hinderance has been the unanimity rule of the Council, meaning all have to be in favor and agree for the law to get passed. The Conference on the Future of Europe is looking to change this to speed up decisions. The leaked draft talked about going forward with a smaller group of nations, again this type of discussion lends to the future fulfillment of the ten-nation core. Meanwhile serious inflation is hitting globally especially in the United States, We also see Biden meeting with the EU and making pacts and then on the contrary pacts with other nations that seem at odds with the ones with the EU, the more recent being with China. The unexpected climate deal and efforts to repair ties at the US China summit in which Xi Jinping referred to Biden as an old friend. Biden is desperately trying to maintain American supremacy, he knows something, you can see it in these actions.  I know what he knows and his high-level cabinet, they see that America has serious rivals to its supremacy and the chief one is America’s ally the European Union empire.  If ever a president were up to the task, it is Joe Biden whose strength is foreign policy, but with all his skill he will not change what is predicted in end time Bible Prophecy. We can now say that it is too late for America, no matter what his efforts even with the final empire in its evolving state.

For more on end time prophecy see my books, my website and most of all if you do not know Jesus as your personal savior the Bible says to believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. Till next time God Bless.