Mark of The Beast- New Technologies Want Inside Your Body

The article Nine Real Technologies That Will Soon Be Inside You  provides the latest technological products that literally marry man to computers and several can be used to fulfill the Mark of the Beast prophecy.

The 666, Mark of the Beast products are here. It is now just a matter of which technology will best fit the Antichrist’s police state.

I stated in an earlier blog that the Mark of the Beast will be a combination of brain interface with an identity chip or tattoo.  In the above article you see a photo of the technology and a brief description of how it works.

Each of the featured technologies now implants in the human body and uses technology to regulate body systems, Soon they will merge a person with their device so that in their body or thoughts they can control their smart phone or computer.  According to this article Brain Interface products will be readily available by 2020, that is less than six years away.  What is taking place within the product world is a marriage of man and technology. The identity chips provide your identity and location.

We know from Bible Prophecy that under the Antichrist you will not be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast. 

The reason is that either the chip will have your bank information It will be a combination of  RFID identity chip or tattoo with an electronic purse. The electronic purse technology originated in the EU, which is the Final World Empire that was foretold by the prophet Daniel and John in the Revelation that is going give rise to the Antichrist.

With all that is being written about regarding these new technologies and their potential, not one writer has mentioned the frightening prospect of how these can be used by a dictator for a police state,. These technologies will be a powerful dictator’s dream. We know from Bible Prophecy this is going to happen, because we  know the end of the story.

Bible Prophecy told us of this technology while the apostle John was dressed in a long robe and sandals sitting on the isle of Patmos writing the Revelation on pieces of Animal skin glued together.

The new technologies want your body and under the Antichrist once they get into your body, they are going to also take your soul.

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