North Korea Tests Nuke That Targets US

Talk about a sign of the end times or sign of the times, they don’t know, they are not sure, the South Korean spy agency said North Korea may have tested a nuke.  North Korea said it was a hydrogen bomb. The blast created a 5.1 magnitude earthquake.

Some experts are saying that the size of the quake had to have been from a nuclear weapon.   North Korea has potentially just tested a nuke.  If only they had dropped this bomb five days earlier they could have synced it with the start of the New Year and made for the world’s most memorable New Year’s, but North Korea is still in time to set the tone for this next year.  What is frightening about their having nuclear capabilities is that they already have a proclaimed target and enemy, which they named as the United States.

While North Korea conducted 3 tests before, their devices have graduated to this bomb which North Korea claims is a lighter miniaturized nuclear device to fit on the top of the long-range missiles that could reach the mainland of United States, which is it’s main target. North Korea is mad about US sanctions and the US is in the process of drafting more after this test.  This will make the conflict even more heated.

I don’t think we have any greater illustration of the frightening times in which we live and the fulfillment of nation rising against nation than in the recent news making the headlines.

We are heading to the Tribulation period and if you would like to know more see my book, End of the World, The Revelation prophecy.

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