Obama Calls Putin Threat To World

According to Reutersat the G-20 Obama stated that Putin is a threat to the world and stated “the United States was at the forefront of “opposing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which is a threat to the world.”

I do not know who is to blame for such a stupid comment, Obama or his advisers. Here are some facts that United States foreign policy experts are unaware of or they would not have advised Obama to go forward with sanctions against Ukraine, or that Putin is a treat to the world:

The EU is an Empire of 508 million citizens.
On the EU’s agenda is the formation of its own army.
The EU aims in Ukraine was for Ukraine’s eventual membership in the EU
Ukraine as an EU member  would give the EU 44 more million citizens
Ukraine with Europes second largest army  as an EU member will lend its army to the EU’s eventual  army.
Ukraine will bring the EU’s population to about 550 million citizens and it will be about 2/3 larger than the United States population
The EU is forging its own political identity in the world
The EU is a non-democratic entity via  its institutional structure.
UKIP president Nigel Farage gave an excellent speech in the EU Parliament called, “Stop Playing War Games With Putin” and he brings out the points that I have covered and provides an excellent assessment of the situation. Ukraine is a border country with Russia with deep economic and cultural ties. Russian is spoken in parts of Ukraine.
I understand the EU’s side because if I were at the helm I would want Ukraine too, what Empire does not want to expand. I also take sides with Putin who sees the EU as an empire that is encroaching on its territory. I wrote in an earlier blog on Blog Active that this is the first conflict in the age of Empires and it is between Russia and the EU.  The United States has no business in this fight, was not invited to  and is butting its nose in a situation that is making our government look stupid. If anyone is a threat to the world at the moment it is the United States.  Putin is sending messages that the United States is provoking.
 Russia signed a $400 Billion dollar gas deal with China veering away from the West.
Russian bombers now flying near US shores
A submarinespotted in Sweden’s waters they suspect its Russian
Putin threatenedthat he could  invade  countries in the EU, which he said could be accomplished in two days
Nato recently Iintercepted Russian planes overthe Baltics

Concerning Bible Prophecy’s prediction of nations rising against nations, in this case the United States is rising against Russia.

It is a foolish move for our foreign policy and for the peace of the world. If anyone is a threat to world peace at the moment it is US President Obama. As Nigel Farage stated in his speech and as I have also said, given the unprecedented threats that both Russia and the United States face regarding militant Islam, they should be working together.

Can that happen, no, because in  line with Bible Prophecy, nation will rise against nation and kingdom and against kingdom. 

The United States is rising against Russia.

I have stated and speculated that as the European Union gains in strength as an Empire, the United States is going to diminish in power.  We can expect to see the future United States come under the European Union’s sphere and partner with the European Union as it will have no choice.  Obama has already offered them this partnership before we will even need their help once our dollar collapses or ceases to be the world’s reserve currency. I did not expect that the United States under president Obama would help the European Union build its Empire by supporting its acquisition of Ukraine, which is the bottom line.  This is not about democracy, this is about land acquisition and it is Empire to Empire: European Union Empire to Russian Empire. The European Union is blinded by so much negative media and bickering among its member nations it is failing to see that they have achieved the recognition they aimed to achieve.  This recognition came in Russia’s military response. As Nigel Farage pointed out as I also mentioned in a previous blog, Putin was outraged when he saw the waving of the EU flag at Kiev, which occurred at the Euromaidan  rally that precipitated Russia’ invasion.
I do give Obama the benefit of the doubt in that he is surrounded by lousing advisers who do not know what is going on in the European Union and have been reading and studying the wrong material.  I have been following the EU for 25 years with my head in their publications from their think-tanks.  My information was not based through a United States lenses but from the source. The EU is forging ahead with its own political agenda for its position on the world stage. We are not included in their process except in the area of trade. Even NATO has long since lost its relevance.

In my soon to be released Magi Report I state that in Bible Prophecy we have entered an area of the unknown, meaning that when we look at the predictions, while we know they are going to occur we cannot know to what extent until we experience it,

Such as nation rising against nation.  We do not know what Russia will end up doing to defend itself, but with the United States taking part in the fight  it is provoking the situation and convoluting its own foreign policy objectives. The United States is aligning with the EU against Russia for hindering the democratic process, yet the US is teaming with the EU which has a democratic deficit it has been seeking to remedy for years.

On behalf of President Obama and the United States I am going to play again our future anthem , which is the EU anthem and Obama will now be remembered as the man who wanted to help the EU Empire acquire Ukraine and who provoked Russia when he should have sought to strengthen relations to fight common enemies.   Meanwhile as Obama points the finger at Putin the finger is pointing back at himself.  In honor of Obama’s move I am going to end this rant with the EU anthem and a waving of the EU flag here in the United States.  Of now to go and wave the EU flag.

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