Political Positions For Evangelical Christians Re Bible Prophecy

I am out of Jerry Falwell’s school that teaches you stand up and vote for the candidate who is closest to you on the issues and Evangelicals take positions on various political issues. If you are not voting, you need to vote, it is your duty as a citizen. But, and I cannot say but loud enough, that is where it ends.

Within the end time community of Bible Prophecy experts, watchmen, and teachers we have the vilification of all that Bible Prophecy predicts.   

The forecasts in Bible Prophecy are mostly negative predictions of doom and gloom and of the emerging final world empire and the Antichrist. The conspiracy theorists sited the New World Order and then vilified it to its students., Geopolitically the New World Order has been replaced by the age of empires. While many vilified the New World Order  they also criticized  globalization, groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and  world organizations. Although it was not outwardly stated it was insinuated that Christians should not have anything to do with any of these groups specifically the ones they cited as fulfilling Bible Prophecy.

In Scripture we see the opposite of this vilification regarding the conquering empires that the Lord of Hosts foretold would invade Israel..  Joseph becomes second to Pharaoh in Egypt and this nation would years later would cause the Israelites to suffer cruel and hard bondage. In Genesis 15:13 God foretold to Abraham the enslavement the children of Israel would suffer in a strange land. It was Joseph who was the instrument to bring the children of Israel to Egypt because of the famine. Did God tell Joseph to stay out of Egypt because this nation would brutalize Israel? He in fact brought the children of Israel to Egypt.
Jeremiah the prophet preached of the coming Babylonian invasion and he warned about Nebuchadnezzar who is a forerunner to the Antichrist. One of the Antichrist‚Äôs titles is the ‚Äėking of Babylon.‚ÄĚ Yet, it was Nebuchadnezzar himself who after the invasion protected Jeremiah and provided for him.
Daniel the prophet was a Babylonian captive.  He was chosen for his good looks and intellect to serve in the Babylonian kingdom. This was not his choice. Daniel was a captive. You will notice in all of Daniel’s conversations with Nebuchadnezzar he treats him with respect and even tells him that he is given his power by God.  Daniel worked for the government of the first empire to judge Israel and is a forerunner of the final world empire. Daniel served in its government.
Despite the Biblical examples many who teach on the end times speak against who and what they are stating fulfills Bible Prophecy. This is not their job!   I discovered that the fulfillment of various prophecies will bring about the fulfillment of other prophecies. I am giving no details here because it is written about in my Magi report and you have to get a copy of the report to learn the details. For this reason I mostly stay neutral on my position and if I come out in favor  of a position it is because it fulfills Bible prophecy.
The Antichrist himself is given his seat by God and is appointed as the rod of his anger. God gives the false prophet the power to breath life into the image of the beast. Let me correct, it is Satan who gives the Antichrist his seat but God who allows that seat.  The events of the Tribulation are all in God’s plan. Why then is it that when end time expositors show that an event is linking up they issue warnings and warn against the powers that are falling into place?   For instance globalists are assailed, world institutions are battered and why?  What is the reason for preaching against globalization when the all of this is in God’s plan? 

 Bible Prophecy provides the forecasts for the time of the end and we are able to speculate, but we are not to warn folks against any of the signs that are fulfilling the coming end time Bible Prophecies. 

We see Jesus Himself tell of the signs that will lead to the end and He is very specific on those signs.  Concerning the Antichrist he states that one is coming in his own name and him you will accept. He doesn’t even mention him during his abomination of desolation warning. Jesus affirms that when this occurs he warns the Jews to flee because there will be such great tribulation as never before in the history of the world.  In Matthew 24:20 Jesus tells the Tribulation Saints to pray that their flight is not in the winter or on the Sabbath. As they see the signs they are to pray and prepare for their flight. So you see these events are going to happen and Jesus himself does not point fingers at those causing the events, but rather issued warning for when they occur.      
We should be happy when we see geopolitical events fall into place and not try to stop it. We need to remain neutral.  We are in the age of empires- hooray as this lines with the book of Daniel. The Federalists in Europe ultimately want the EU to act as the cornerstone for uniting the world- wow, I am on the side of the federalists and their ideology because it fits with the prophetic forecasts. Should I be writing against them? As a matter of fact I wrote a blog once on an EU policy website and I critiqued a proposed treaty to amend the Lisbon treaty after reading it  so that it would be more federalist and directly in line with the prophetic forecasts. Shame on me.  How could I do such a thing, because I am 100% categorically committed to the fulfilment of the forecasts.  The quicker these events line the sooner we can be out of here in the Rapture.
Where I draw the line is that I would not have any RFID implant because the idea of one and its relation to the Mark of the Beast creeps me out. Also while I know that the US is going to decline and the US dollar is going to lose the world’s reserve currency status I am critical of its foreign policies because I know its future.
As I stated we should still stand on the issues that reflect our beliefs, but geopolitically and in foreign policy we want to be in line as well and make sure we are not fighting against what is predicted to occur.
This may be difficult for you to grasp.  For the conspiracy theorists this would mean you would stop slamming the Masons or groups that you refer to as secret societies. You would be happy they exist. For those who say that Islam is the beast of Revelation you would be pro growth of Islam.  I teach the beast of Revelation is the European Union and I am pro EU empire and pro federalist teachings because this is the will of the living God that the final world power will rise from this geopolitical framework. From here it is Satan that will give his son, the son of Satan himself his political seat. As I watch the EU’s development into the final world empire my heart jumps for joy. I would never get in the way of it, or write against it, I am only here to tell you that it is happening and lining the way that God said it would happen.and that these events mean that the Tribulation is coming and if you are not sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ you need to be sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ and if you do not know Him as personal savior you need to know Him now, otherwise you will find yourself in the midst of the judgment of God and all that is about to occur. As I stated  even the Antichrist himself is appointed by God for his purpose.
When the Tribulation Saints realize that they are in the Tribulation their attitude is going to be we are here and it will purely and strictly be about survival.  They are not going to be able to try to fight what is happening, their one focus will be trying to survive it.

We do not have those kind of worries, we are living in difficult perilous times that will lead to the start of the Tribulation and to the Rapture. 

 These times are growing harder to live in.  For more on the perilous times, see Signs of the End Times. As we see these signs unfold geopolitically we are not to warn against the events themselves, but warn that they are happening just as the Bible predicts and not take issue against them  rather we are just to point out that they are happening and we should want to see their coming to pass.

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