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As was the days of Noah,

In 2019 the pace of violence continued with school shootings continuing in the US and spreading around the world. occurring in Florida, Texas a synoguge in Pittsburg, to 19 killed at a college in Crimea and the quiet town of Strasbourg France and Russia experienced a random mass shooting.  There was also the mass stabbing in Paris, and Paris also hit the violence map with the riots after the World Cup and the yellow vest protests.

Reports in 2018 of people doing good deeds getting them killed made the headlines as did the statistic that deaths of police officers on duty is on the rise in the US. It was the year that sales of bulletproof backpacks skyrocked. The lawlessness didn’t end here with migration worldwide and issue  Migrants fleeing their countries because of the increase in wars or their crops being wiped out due to extreme weather leaving them poor and forcing them to look elsewhere. Yet their entering countries with their entitlement, and crimes they commit on the countries population they are entering. I have not even included the unprecedented violence committed on animals for the sake of sport or for money.

The Social Ills mirror the same pace with people’s appetites out of control literally with Reports of obesity as high as 40% the adult population. Overdoses continue to increase and as many as 76 overdoess were reported in New Haven CT in 24 hours in one day.  Talk about out of control appetites for food and drugs, Greed also tops the list with Big Pharma a  major cause of the opoiod epidemic due to greed.  As more evidence of our lawless society a US court ruling allows Satanism to be taught in schools. In addition New York City created a gender neutral X option for birth certificates.  Sexual Perversion seems to keep topping the charts and Disney continued to make  headlines and not because of its child friendly shows but because of a Disney actor who was charged with trying to meet a 13 year old boy for sex.   Of course more stories were reported of those in positions of power sexually assaulting those within their realm.  Especially those in the Clergy. It was reported that Pennsylvania priests ‘abused thousands of children’, the  Pope calls unprecedented meeting of top officials over sexual abuse  The Catholic Church in Illinois protected more than 500 priests of sexual abuse accusations and if this was all not bad enough, the Daily Beast reported the sex abuse of Catholic Priests of deaf orphans  tops what we can even imagine.  If this is not bad enough of a sexual appetite so perverse and vile to harm deaf orphans, came this year the story of Polly, the prostitute orangutang, who was shaved, had makeup put on her for years to be sexually abused by men. This does not include the stories of gang rapes of dogs and other animals.

For all of this we see the earth responding to the mounting sin of mankind and producing more end time signs in weather.


2018 rted out by getting hit with a bomb cyclone in the Northeast, frozen iganas falling out of trees in Florida. melting glaciors and heat waves boiling foxes alive.  The UN reported that the last three years have been on the hottest on record. The Oklahoma wildfires threat neared historic levels, allergy seaons worsens every year. Meanhile Unprecidented catastophic rains hit Japan  Japan Told More Than a Million to Evacuate as the Strongest Typhoon in 25 Years Mades Landfall A Heat wave struck the Arctic, and one reported wrote that the climate enters the Twilight Zone. Much of Southeast coast was under evacuation orders ahead of Hurricane Florence Florence was dubbed ‘the storm of a lifetime’ for Carolinasby the National Weather Service  1.5M people evacuated Hurricane Michael followed and brought a trail of devastation to Florid and Georgia. In addition a rate combination of Category 5 storms formed in the Pacific.  Warming Water’s Worry Main’s Lobstermen  Tsunami’s struck Indonesia and one caused by a volcano occurred with no warning and swept away a band as they were playing to an audience on the beach.  In another bazaar weather a Giant spiderweb cloaks land in Aitoliko, Greece fall foliage this year went missing in New York and CT this year  Australia’s heatwave spanned 5 states with a high of 120 degrees fairenheit. The biggest sign to occur during 2018, the artics strongest sea ice is breaking up for the first time on record. Evidencing the impact of the weather on the global ecosystem, it was reported that Earth’s animal population plummeted by 60 percent in 44 years.

Nation rises against nation

§  Russia depplys Satan 2-a hypersonic Nuclear Missile. In March Putin debutes animation of Russia striking Florida with nuclear missiles China and the US trade war threats began, and the the US joined the UK and France with military strikes on Syria. Russia warned of consequences for the strike and unveiled its new untrackable super missile at his State of the Union. Iran claims to have ‘father of all bombs,’ overshadowing American ‘mother’ Russia slams US withdrawal from arms treaty as ‘blackmail’ Europe Will Become a Battlefield: Putin Bluntly Explains What Discarding INF Treaty Means.  Putin declares that his new hypersonic glide vehicle is impossible to intercept and was an unbelievable way to end the year provoking and escalating the prevailing climate of the times.


§  Meanwhile concerning the US and EU, Donald Trump contributed greatly to a seismic shift into the European Union or should I say the Revived Roman Empire, the final world Empire.. Trump threatened the EU with Tariffs, threatened to pull out of the WTO and it propeled them to unite further. Trump was named the number one threat to the EU economy.  Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran deal and afterwards EU Council president Donald Tusk condemned the Trump administration and stated that with Friends like Trump who needs enemies,  EU Commission President Jean Claude Junkcer then stated, it is time for the EU to shine While Trump asks for more money for NATO, France and Germany respond by agreeing to create a European Army.  Angela Merkel urges Europe to step up in Trump’s new world order, and the EU chief states that Europea must prepare for the worse with Trump.  On the eve of the Russian summit Trump calls the EU a foe, this message was further reinforced when Steve Bannon Donald Trump’s former Chief of Staff went over to the EU with the aim of bringing down the European Union by helping form the movement  a non profit organization to pomote economic nationalism and right wing propulism in the EU with the goal of taking over the EU by winning a majority of seats in the next EU elections in 2019.

§  The EU Empire continued to rise. 2018 was the yearEU signed the world’s biggest trade deal with Japan where they agreed to eliminate all tariffs. It was the year the EU began to punch up to its weight. the EU’s law for websites GDPR went into effect worldwide, the EU flexed its muscles by fining google 5 billion dollars. After Google, they looked to Amazon and Facebook.  Its MEP’s voted in favor of a 3-5% tax on big US tech firms. The European Parliament now backs copyright reform, dealing another blow to tech giants

And the Bible Prophecy New’s highlight of the year, Frenech president Emmanuel Macron called for a 10 nation military coalition.  It was the first time we saw our number ten of ten nations.,In addition we saw for the first time in 2018 the events that will lead to the fulfillment of Daniel 8:7 about the three nations that will be plucked up by the routes when the  EU Rouge Nations Emerged and were named such.  A high level EU politician during a speech actually named Hungary,

Poland and Austria. The EU Paliament denounces Hungary’s illiberalism, and voted to rebuke Hungary over alleged rule breaches. For the first time the Belgian Prime Minister suggested kicking them out of the Shengen accords, which are included in the EU treaties. In addition, we saw more calls and movements towards the moving forward of an EU army.

In line with the rising EU empire, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi declaring that the euro is now irreversible. The Commission now eyes FinTech to boost euro’s role on global stage and to move the Euro toward the role of the world’s reserve currency.  On December 12 in retaliation to US Iran Sanctions we saw the EU take a literal strike against the US dollar by issuing a recommendation that the member states are to begin using  euros in their energy transactions . This will both help topple the US dollar and move the Euro into world currency reserve status.

Talking about the DOLLAR, the symbol of US strength and status as the leading world power, 2018 is the year the dollar recieved missiles from the other leading empires in response to our crazy shootem off without thinking sanction policy.  Early in the year, Pakistan ditches the dollar for trade with China right after China ditches the dollar to trade for oil in yuans.  Russia announced will ditch U.S. securities amid sanctions: RIA Putin Aims To Defeat Dollar Dictarship With Gold because the US dollar is Washington’s pressure lever to punish countries –A Russian Investment Fund Struck its First Non-Dollar Deals With China. Despite all of this the US issued more sanctions. China And Russia then Warned the U.S. Of Grave Consequences On Sanctions These headlines followed:

§  Russia’s largest energy companies preparing to substitute petrodollar in settlements

§  China tells US to withdraw Russia sanctions or ‘bear the consequences’

§  EU Announces New Payment System to Circumvent US Economic Sanctions

§  Matter of Weeks: Russia is Ready for Dedolarizaiton Report

§  Russia’s Switch to Deals in National Currency to take at least 5 years VTB

§  IMF: Turkey Solidifying Lira, Shifting to Non-Dollar Trade – Economist

§  Russia May Start Using Euro in Trade With European Union – Economy Ministry

§  US threatens to bar EU banks from exchanges

§  Putin: Russia Getting Rid Of US Dollar Matter Of National Security

§  Keiser Report: USD Regime Change? (E1296)

Vladimir Putin then hailed the Sunset of U.S. Global Domination Due To Mounting ‘Mistakes’

The greatest hit to the dollar came though on December 12, by the European Union.

We know in Bible Prophecy the decline is coming and adding to this is the US deficit which a reporter reported that§  As Debt Rises, the Government Will Soon Spend More on Interest Than on the Military.

§  In the area of Mark of the BeastTechnology 2018 saw incredible strides in AI. And Robots actually ‘talked’ to EU MPs about future of AI in the classroom in addition China launched its first robotic new’s anchor. Even more frightening, an article exposed how China is already using technology for its police state. It was recently reported that microchips are in the uniforms of students to track if they leave the school and where they are going. And in frightening brain technology, which I stated in my book Decoding 666, the Antichrist will be able to put his thoughts into you, Darpa’s New Brain Chip Enables Telepathic Control of Drone Swarms and a Brain-to-brain network allows three people to share their thoughts.


§  Meanwhile the Arab states attempt to get East Jersualam recognized as the Palestinian capital Violence erupted at the dedication of the US embasy in Jeruslam. . Paraguay announced the decision to Move its Embassy Back to Tel Aviv From Jerusalem; Israel Retaliates – Shuts Embassy Trump cuts $25 million in aid for Palestinians in East Jerusalem hospitals Trump administration announces closure of Washington PLO office Jared Kushner announced his working on a US peace plan to be announced in 2019.

 And in Temple mount news a temple coin was issued that marks Israel’s 70th anniversary.. In third temple news The U.S. Ambassador to Israel was Pictured With a Controversial Image of Jerusalem with the Third Temple Replacing Muslim Mosques And the two biggest announcements of Third Temple news that tell us we are really getting close to the start of the Tribulation. A Jewish Group Says a Flawless ‘Red Heifer’ emerged that Could must be used to launch the Temple, In addition the 8 ton temple alter was completed and dedicated in Jerusalem at the end of November.

2018 has been some year in Bible Prophecy news, with the biggest headlines being the EU punching up to its weight, the direct attack by Russia and the EU on the US dollar, heading it for its collapse, the melting of the polar ice caps, the reports coming from scientists of the weather’s effect to the ecosystem heading us toward the great famine predicted in Revealtion 6. In addition the temple coin, the first perfect red heifter and the completion and dedication of the temple altar.

You will want to be sure to read from here the predictions for 2019 in Bible Prophecy based on this years news and what is beginning to emerge on the horizon.


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