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For the products you will have to check the store.  There are many.  The products even include disaster kits for your pets.   For these you will have to check my Be Prepared Products Page. 

We Need to Be Prepared

In these end times, with the catastrophic weather patterns which includes unprecidented hurricanes, tornadoes earthquakes, fires, and flooding  consequently we need to take precautions and be prepared.   In addition to the extreme weather are the threats we face from violence, wars and rumors of wars.
Polar vortex’s are becoming the norm now in the winter time. I found myself purchasing long johns and xtreme cold weather clothing.¬† Hence, this lent to my conviction that in the end times we need to be prepared.¬† I found myself buying various products and now I recommend those products to you so that you can be prepared. Most of all the best way to be prepared is to make sure you are saved and know Jesus Christ as Savior.¬† Also to know the Word of God which will aid you in these difficult times. In addition to God’s wonderful promises.

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For Bibles and More

For some end time Bible verses on products none were available so I created my own. Check these out on my Zazzle store.

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