Prophecy Update-China Threatens to Nuke Japan & Mark of the Beast

Jesus said that nation would rise against nation and this week China threatened to nuke Japan after Japan vowed to defend Taiwan. China threatened to bomb the nation continuously until Japan declared unconditional surrender. China shockingly stated that is no nuke policy did not extend to Japan. There is no love lost between the Chinese and Japanese because of the Sino-Japanese wars that ended at the end of World War 11. But this is a long time to hold onto a grudge, In addition this is a threat of serious magnitude. A Japanese envoy said that Japan struggles every day with China. Not only Japan, but Australia’s relations are also strained after Australia called for an independent investigation into the origins of COVID 19 among other stands. Australia and Japan are leaning toward the United States for support. Meanwhile Japan is putting a stronger emphasis on defense. According to the Financial Times Japan’s white paper reflects what may be the largest shift in Tokyo’s security stance in more than 70 years. The FT went onto state, “Since its defeat in the second world war, Japan has lived under a constitution that renounces any use of military force.

Japan Rebuilding Its Military

But in 2014 Shinzo Abe, then prime minister, reinterpreted the relevant article to allow military action even outside Japan proper for the purpose of what it calls ‘collective self-defense.’ What clicks in my mind is that this military that Japan is rebuilding will provide the army that will go to the battle of Armageddon. Meanwhile as I reported last week on the rise of China and it is flexing its wings, we can expect to see the United States team more with the European Union splitting our multipolar world into two spheres, but we know the end of the story, the European Union is our beast of Revelation and will in the end be the strongest empire when it is finally headed by the Antichrist.

G-7 to Confront China

At the recent G-7, which was touted as the one to reunite in order to confront China, in which the Indo-Pacific nations were invited, India, Australia, South Korea and South Africa, According to Euractiv French President Macron asserted his wishes That Europe does not want to be a ball between the two powers. They quoted the Soros Foundation as stating the same. Essentially, they are saying that the EU must act on its own and independently of the United States rather than under its umbrella. I have repeated this in other broadcasts that this is now the European Union’s policy. While the US has reestablished its ties with the EU, it is no longer calling the shots. So in line with the prophetic forecasts, we are seeing the Beast, the final empire take form and shape as it continues to evolve into the power described in Scripture.

Mark of the Beast

Switching topics- onto the Mark of the Beast, Tony from Japan brought to my attention the call from the top financial institutions for global cooperation on central bank digital currencies. A report was writing in collaboration with the IMF and the World Bank. The Bank for International Settlements and the ECB are echoing the same proposal. This is a given considering that digital currencies would need the same structure as the fiat currency system. As I stated in a previous broadcast the most alarming fact about digital currency’s is their connecting the user to the Central Bank directly, in addition to their ability to know so much about you, much like one will be directly connected to the Antichrist’s government for the mark of the beast. I want to emphasize a digital currency is not moving toward a cashless system.

Cash Will Remain

In support of this I am going to highlight a statement by European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde who stated, “To close, let me reiterate that the Eurosystem remains committed to continue providing a public, safe and trusted means of payment, also in the digital era. This includes ensuring that cash remains widely available and accepted as both a means of payment and a store of value. Alongside this, the Eurosystem also recently announced the start of the investigation phase to explore the design and distribution of a digital euro that could complement cash in the future.

Bible Prophecy Catch Phrases

In Bible Prophecy there are many catch phrases and ideas that are ages old such as One world government, one world religion and new world order got added to the list, but finally cashless society. I have written on each of these and today I want to talk about cashless society. As time goes on I am not as convinced this is what the Bible teaches about the not being able to buy and sell without the mark.

Denarius is today’s euro

In Revelation 6:6 in predicting the great famine that is coming the verse states A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine.” It was a voice speaking in the midst of the living creatures that spoke these words. Not only is this another place we see the Revived Roman empire as the leading empire in the earth’s final days, “denarius” was not spoken from the heavens for John’s sake because he lived in the Roman Empire, as some have supposed. The EU’s currency is the euro, so denarius is talking euros for the revived Empire. Even as China moved towards a cashless society during COVID there was a backlash from its central bank fining organizations that refuse cash payments, because not all citizens are tech savvy. This is currency. So, either cash remains, or the Antichrist does away with cash, it does not matter because today’s algorithms already know so much about you and if you use cash, how you spend it from hailing taxis’ to tipping at restaurants, or hair salons, to paying your bills. The algorithm willknow if you are using cash for an illegal purpose. While the society is already on its way to being predominantly cashless, it is not necessary for total cash lessness for the fulfillment of the mark of the beast prophecy.

66 Qubit Computer

In a Reuters article titled, Chancellor: Central Bank Coin will crush the banks, stated The digital yuan is set tobecome the keystone of President Xi Jinping’s surveillance state, complete withbecome the keystone of President Xi Jinping’s surveillance state, complete with its system of social credits and network of face-recognition cameras. The day may not be far off when a jaywalker in Chongqing has a fine automatically deducted from her digital wallet. It was devoted listener Bud Leal who alerted me to the milestone achievement of China’s 66-cubit 2D Quantum computer, that’s right 66 cubits. They named it Zuchonghi which honors a Chinese mathematician and astronomer, which beat Good’s 54 qubit processor. In 72 hours, it can complete what would take today’s computers 10,000 years to complete. In an hour and a half what would take a computer 8 years to solve. It used 56 of its 66 potential to complete a problem.

For More

For more on the mark of the beast you will want to see my two books, decoding 666 and the Antichrist half devil half man, where I go into quantum computing into more detail and actually speculated a 66 cuibit computer. And finally we see the weather patterns as still breaking records, leading to the great famine of Revelation 6. Europe’s flood death toll now numbers 200 persons. While many media outlets report that Climate Change is here and is now a way of life, it should instead read the end times are here as the signs are in full force now. Jesus closes the book of Revelation with an invitation and invites all to come to Him. Revelation 22:17 7 And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say,”Come!” And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely. As these signs all affirm, Jesus is coming again, our days left on this earth are getting shorter and shorter, there is not much time left until the King returns. For more on end time Bible Prophecy check out my books, follow my podcast or subscribe to my channel on Youtube and be sure to check out my Patreon memberships. Till next time God bless.