Prophetic Significance of Blood Moons

Prior to the April 15, 2014 blood moon we read and tweeted John Hagee’s and El Shadai’s findings on the past blood moons that occurred during Jewish Holidays and how major events happened during them. ¬†We waited with anticipation for the first blood moon. ¬† I wondered about the research of the events on those dates and as I recall ¬†one of the events did not exactly occur during the blood moon but during the time period. ¬†Simultaneous with the blood moons are Satanic holidays, which also fall around Jewish Holidays because Satan is the counterfeiter of God. ¬† Around Satanic holidays various violent events are known to have taken place. Yet between nothing of significance this April. Geopolitically an importance act was the Russian invasion of Crimea because through this invasion Russia now resembles the king of the North of Daniel and Jeremiah, which retains its Empire with the reign of the EU Empire that also reigns in the earth’s final years.

No doubt, blood moon signs belong to God and we read about the blood red moon that is a sign of the world’s end.¬† A symbol of the blood of Jesus that saved the world now condemns it.

Concerning the current blood moons, the one passed and the three to come, and the April 8 alignment of earth between mars and the sun are confirmation signs of the end times. Jesus said we would see signs and wonders in nature and if the Bloods moons have any prophetic significance it is a sign in nature, and they do in fact occur over Jewish Holidays.  Meanwhile the blood moons have set off a debate in Evangelical circles concerning the blood moon that God warns is a sign of the end of the world versus, the not so red blood moons of the Tetrad.

As Prophecy teachers we all make mistakes when we begin to branch in certain areas looking  for correlations and when our hunch is not correct we step back. Such is the case with the blood moons and their prophetic significance, only now the credibility of the researchers is hurt and of those who came out and gained the attention of evangelicals and the media.  It is my experience that we are often correct on the bigger picture but when we speculate and forecast the smaller details and try to get too specific our arrow stops hitting the target. I believe the blood moon researchers did just that, tried to find those correlations and it is now obvious they were in error. Only this gained media attention and a book was published that will now be shelved.

The blood moons prophetic significance was merely a sign in the sky to confirm what we are seeing unfold in geopolitcs, society and in the weather patterns, that we are in fact in the end times.

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