Putin Gives 7 Reasons Why Russia Feels Threatened By The US

In the video recently published titled, “Putin Crushes BBC Smartass including BBC propagandist’s question.” , Vladimir Putin gives seven reasons why Russia feels threatened by the United States. 
In Bible Prophecy it is predicted that nation will rise against nation and I have pointed out that in line with that prophecy, the United States has risen against Russia and taken some aggressive actions.  In Putin’s speech he indirectly stated that Russia felt threatened by the United States and provided his 7 facts to back up his assertion. The US administration and some in the media have accused Russia of being the aggressor in its responses. After Putin provides his facts he asks who really is the aggressor and it becomes obvious that it is the United States.
Some commentators including myself have written of even the possibly of the US’s actions leading to a war with the United States and Russia, if the United States continues its course.  Few US journalists take this view as many US citizens have bought into the rhetoric of Vladimir Putin as the aggressor and initiator of conflict. It should be noted that Vladimir Putin has been in power for 15 plus years and it is only in the last several years that he has made any military moves and from a geopolitical standpoint his actions make sense.  He actually affirmed my observation in his speech.
The seven reasons that Vladimir Putin stated as to why Russia feels threatened by the United States are as follows:
1.     In early 1990’s Russia stopped ALL strategic aviation while the US continued.
2.     US strategic aviation flights carried nuclear weapons
3.     Russia has two military bases located in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, while the US has many scattered across the globe.
4.     Russia’s military spending in 2015 is 50 billion, while the Pentagon’s budget is $575 billion
5.     Russia has not moved any of its forces close to US borders, yet NATO bases are located close to Russia
6.     The US withdrew from the ABM Treaty and deploying their strategic missile defense components in Alaska and Europe including Romania and Poland, which is close to Russia.
7.     The US’s Russia sanctions violated the WTO, and UN charter.
In the article published by Russia Insider you can read the written version of the speech.
Vladimir Putin again affirmed his intention for peace and desire to work together with the US, he stated, “We want to develop normal relations in the security sphere, in fighting terrorism. We will work together on nuclear non-proliferation. We will work together on other threats, including drugs, organized crime and grave infections, such as Ebola. We will do all this jointly, and we will cooperate in the economic sphere, if our partners want this.”
Vladimir Putin asked the question, “Is anyone listening to us?” and the answer is that many are not hearing his words. Although European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker might be listening. He stated, ““Russia must be treated decently,” he said. “We can’t let our relationship with Russia be dictated by Washington.”
I do not know how US Russia policy is coming about and why the United States is so aggressive toward Russia and why we are using so many tax dollars to fund the Cold War mirage.
According to Google a mirage is an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions, especially the appearance of a sheet of water in a desert or on a hot road caused by the refraction of light from the sky by heated air. It is the figment of one’s imagination, something that appears real or possible but is not in fact so.
The Cold War ended and the days of Soviet expansionism are over and yet US foreign policy acts on the Cold War mirage. We are in a different geopolitical system, it is a multi-polar world, and Russia is one of the poles, Sadly, how many American families are going without because they are paying a percentage of their earnings to fund protection against the mirage or even possibly fuel a conflict that can lead to even more costs. Not to mention everyone paid down the chain in the creation of US foreign policy for their costly, bad advice.  
What does this have to do with Bible Prophecy?   Two things, we can pinpoint the US as aggressor and see the fulfillment of prophecy via its own aggression. Second, we know based on Bible Prophecy that the United States does not come out the winner, it will not be the empire that leads.  Some Bible expositors have said that the US is the final world empire and that is pure nonsense and trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. 
Most evangelicals agree that based on Bible Prophecy we will see the US decline.  The smart move would be for the US to take Putin up on his offer and remove the sanctions, open communication, work together and see what can be done to forge some economic partnerships that would prosper both economies and be a win/win for both.
 The US also needs to stop playing Cold War games like it did in Ukraine.  Not to mention the cuts in US spending funding its Cold War mirage.  The United States is not going to be that smart. Instead it will be business as usual, our making a mess of our foreign policy, our continuing to provoke various conflicts and also our ongoing need to rack up the deficit until one day the ceiling that we keep raising comes crashing down or we end up provoking a major war and get ourselves nuked.  

Bible Prophecy allows us to know the future and we already know the US is going decline so we know certainly the US will continue making some big mistakes, its current aggression towards Russia is one of them. 

 A US military colonel told me that in war the side that makes the fewest mistakes wins.  That can be said for empires coming to power and those about to lose power.  The US is making too many mistakes in a myriad of areas. 

Meanwhile, Putin is right, no one within the US administration is listening to him.   US leaders and media see him within the Cold War mirage. 

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