Putin IS NOT the world’s most dangerous man and NOT the US’s biggest threat

Garry Kaspaov: Putin IS NOT the most dangerous man in the world and  NOT the biggest threat to the US

I just read Yahoo New’s article by Biana Golodryga that according to Garry Kaspaov the world’s best chess player is on a new mission to convince the world that Putin is the most dangerous man in the world and the biggest threat to the US. If Yahoo News is going to publish news worthy articles the least they can do is consult a real expert on geopolitical affairs and not a chess player. But, since they published this with their other major headlines I cannot resist but to tell you from both the prophetic and the geopolitical Putin is not the biggest threat to the United States.
In my article in blogactiv eu ,What Vladimir Putin Is Not Telling the Media I made clear that we are in the age of empires as key EU politicians like to refer to the current global geopolitical order.  Russia is an empire. This lines coincidentally with the visions of Daniel of the end time, geopolitically he forecasts an empire age with a leading empire that surpasses the others and it is not going to be Russia. In Bible Prophecy we see Russia  going to the battle of Armageddon against the leading empire, which I discuss in my writings.  Putin’s Russia is falling in step with the Biblical predictions. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a geopolitical necessity on the part of Russia. Russia is protecting Russian interests. It was like a chess move on the part of Putin and a move he had no other choice but to make.  Kaspaov as a chess player should have understood that more than anyone. Putin’s move was essentially a chess move.

The United issued sanctions along with the EU on the basis that Russia was smoldering the democratic process in Ukraine.

 The EU is much more intertwined with the Russian economy than the United States.  US Russian economic relationsare small considering that Russia is the world’s 8th largest economy. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine did not effect America’s interests and in part we issued sanctions is because the US still views Russia as if both are still in the Cold War. On the topic of democracy, it saw Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as undemocratic and sided with the EU. The United States while stating that it was defending democracy ignored that the EU’s institutional structure is undemocratic and referred to as “the democratic deficit” in EU circles. But, without an invite we backed the EU.  The issue of Ukraine is  between the EU and Russia. The US acted like a reactionary drunk in this matter and made its slurring voice heard and issued sanctions. European Union nationals are reacting because of  their memories of the old Russia that they believe have reemerged. As they say a leopard does not change its spots.  Putin has been president for 14 years and if he was some diabolical land grabbing ruthless dictator do you think he would have waited 14 years to make his first move?  Instead his record is of a strong leader Russian looking out for Russia’s best interests as the US looks out for its own.
We see both sides the US and Russia giving jabs to one another such as Hillary Clinton comparing the  Russian invasion to Adolph Hitler as reported by the Daily Mail.  More recently Obama’s comment that when there is trouble in the world they don’t call Moscow that he stated during a 60 minutes interview.  On the flip side, we see the controversy over Putin taking the super bowl ring, Russia giving Snowden assylum. So it is obvious that there is no love lost between Russia and the United States, but Russia is not the biggest threat to the United States and the statement is just pure nonsense and Yahoo’s attempt at getting page hits.

I am also in a different position than most commentators because by knowing what is forecast in Bible Prophecy I know what is yet future.

This brings us to the issue of what then is the greatest threat to the United States, I have covered that in my writings and I will be addressing the issue of the United States and Russia’s positions as we head to the Tribulation period in greater depth in my upcoming Magi report so be on the lookout.

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