Putin is PO’d Russia Slighted in World Order

In Bloomberg’s video, “We Cannot Evade the Ukraine Question,” filmed at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin interviewed by Peter Rose, wanted to talk about why there is a conflict in the Ukraine and he stated that one world order existed before the fall of the USSR, and referenced the bipolar system, which had been dominated by the United States and the Soviet Union, which went into oblivion after the collapse of the Soviet Union.   Putin stated that the United was in a state of euphoria after its collapse.  Putin felt that instead of the US trying to create a good situation, and become a neighborly partner, the US started to explore new, free geopolitical spaces that in the United States’ view were now free.
Vladimir Putin stated this was why Russia witnessed the expansion of NATO, which Putin regards as an affront to Russia.An article in the NATO Review  titled, “NATO enlargement and Russia: myths and realities addresses this very issue, and attempts to argue that NATO expansion was not an affront to Russia and fails to win this argument because the reader is left looking at the action of NATO expansion overriding the claim that NATO’s enlargement, which admitted the East bloc nations was not directed in part against Russia.
Vladimir Putin attributes the actions on the part of the West as their viewing the dissolution of the USSR as leaving a vacuum that needed to be filled.  He did not agree with the West’s approach and how they attempted to fill the void left by the USSR’s dissolution.
Putin stated this is “why Iraq happened.” “We know and our partners agree that there were errors committed in Iraq, but still it happened once again in Libya and now in Ukraine. We are not the original cause of that crisis, phenomenon, which happened in Ukraine. They should not have supported the illegal coup de ta- the anti-constitutional  coup de ta- as well as the forceful seizure of power, which finally resulted in a serious confrontation in Ukraine….What has to be done today, no doubt, the agreements reached in Mentz, the capital of Belarus should be observed. Let me emphasize if we were not content with something we wouldn’t have put our signature there but we have put our signature on those documents and we will seek their full implementation.”
The United States actions in Ukraine prior to Euromaiden are detailed in an article by RT titled, “Brokering Power, US role in Ukraine Coup Hard to Overlook.” The United States looked like keystone cops in Ukraine, butchering US foreign policy, wasting United States taxpayer dollars under the guise of earning their public servant dollars for their labors.
 Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland appeared as the United State’s kingpin of idiocy in the Ukraine affair after the disclosure of her total disregard for the EU in her F*%$^- the EU comment.
It is obvious by the United States’ actions in Ukraine that the US is still fighting the Cold War although the Cold War ended. The US is once again wasting tax payer’s money for a situation that is not the US’s business and where there was no threat to US interests. Rather instead of taking advantage of the new climate to increase cooperation with Russia, as Putin had hoped, the US created conflict with Russia.
Although Putin is upset over NATO expansion, after the Cold War NATO lost is relevancy. The EU started the process of developing its own defense arm a part from NATO. NATO morphed into a regional grouping without a real purpose. But the Ukraine crisis has given the NATO a revived role and a false hope for the United States to regain its old place in the world order.
 Currently the US within NATO is flexing its powers and can possibly ignite a far more serious conflict such as World War 3. The United States has made its mission to ensure democracy around the globe- at the expense of hard working tax payers. Regarding democracy, the US system is not perfect and there are those within the United States who have experienced its pit falls.
Vladimir Putin is angered at being slighted by both the United States and the European Union. It should be noted that Putin in his comments on Ukraine mainly focused on the United States and barely mentioned the European Union, which Russia has trade ties with.  Russia is the EU’s third trading partner and the EU ranks as the first trading partner of Russia.
Russia’s strategy with the EU is to capitalize on the weaknesses within the European Union and forge even greater ties with its closest EU members, which currently includes Greece. Interestingly it is the same strategy that a child employs when one parent says no, the child then approaches the other parent. A smart strategy on the part of Russia in the face of EU sanctions.  Although both the US and the EU took action against Russia, based on the interview, Putin is more angered by the United States and its role.
What came across the loudest from Putin’s declaration is he stated that prior to the dissolution of the USSR there was one world order, which we know included the USSR as a major power, he feels that the world powers felt that there was a void left that now needed to be filled. Putin by the invasion of Ukraine established that Russia was not going let the United States Cold War games continue. He was not going to let the EU acquire Ukraine in any partnership when Russia has economic ties with the Ukraine and its own ties go deep. Russia has officially established itself as a world empire in this multi polar world on equal footing with the other empires.
As I stated in an earlier article its conflict with the EU is the first conflict in this age of empires.  Their conflict needed to be worked out among themselves with no United States involvement.
My 2 Cents
Frankly, I am quite annoyed that US tax payer dollars are funding Cold War games and the US is making an enemy of one of the world’s leading empires.   Concerning Bible Prophecy, which I always refer back to, I find it noteworthy that Putin referred to the World Order and is angered and wants Russia to have its place in the New Order, the Age of Empires.

 We know from Bible Prophecy that Russia will have its own place and is yet to fulfil the predictions of Ezekiel 38 and 39. We also see Russia in Daniel Chapter 11 in the end of days conflicts and going to the battle of Armageddon.

Who we don’t see as having representation in the final pecking order is the United States, but the United States will remain a great nation, just not a leading nation.
I have already noted that the United States is the aggressor in this conflict and is fulfilling Jesus’ prophetic prediction of nation rising against nation. In the interview published by Bloomberg, Pete Rose sited Russia as the aggressor, while Russia had no choice but to step in given the situation, which Putin affirmed.  Russia is also viewed as expansionist and oppressive. On the contrary, I hear Putin calling for the EU, US and Russia to work together.
US foreign policy is leading to the United States’ demise. I have predicted based on Bible Prophecy that in the United States’ final decline, the European Union will have to prop up the United States and the United States will form deep partnerships with the EU, with the EU calling the shots. Mind you this is yet future, but you have found this article on “Prophecy Talk.”
This United States and Russia conflict is serious enough that it should be one of the litmus tests for the candidate we choose in the upcoming election. According to Christianity Today Evangelical churches in Russia are in high favor of Putin.  Here in the United States many Evangelicals vote Republican.  Yet the Republicans have a distorted view of Vladimir Putin as an aggressor, when the United States is the antagonist. We even see this distortion of Russia by some media outlets.
Although many Evangelicals in the United States vote Republican, the Republicans hold the old Cold War view and especially the older Republicans such as McCain. I personally will not vote for any candidate who is outdated in their world views and who takes an aggressive stance and will help plunge the US further down into the abyss in which it is sinking.
 I would hope that any Evangelicals reading this article will make this issue a priority. Finally, if our brethren in Russia are fulfilling the Word of God by honoring Putin because the Bible tells us to honor our leaders, why would we want to endorse reckless US policy, that will create conflict between the US and Russia and not only harm our country but also may filter in the ability of the mission of the church in Russia and missionaries that our churches are sending over to Russia.
 It is in the Evangelical Christian community’s best interests that US relations with Russia improve because we have churches in Russia and want our brethren to continue in Russia reaching out to the Russian people without added hindrances.

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