Review of Anton Kreil’s Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Masterclass

Important Class for Anyone Considering Online Trading

Since I am constantly following world and financial news, my brother suggested that I trade the stock market. In the past I briefly worked as a financial adviser and obtained various financial licenses. I started researching and came upon Anton Kreil and hisĀ Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Professional Trading Master Class. Anton Kreil, a former Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan trader, rose to the top of the trading world and was featured in a British reality show called “Traders.” He put all of his experience into this class to teach lay persons and those already in the field how to trade the market like a professional. I figured the course would help me learn to trade as well as gain a greater understanding of the financial markets, which I reference in my writing and am asked about when I am invited to speak on radio.
The Professional Trading Master Class is offered over 30 days or lifetime. I am very busy, writing, promoting and keeping up with news. I decided to take the 30 day in part because of my schedule I would not have six months to devote to the class. I tested and made a mark of distinction because in those 30 days I put in hours above the recommended amount of time needed to pass. The Professional Trading Master Class consists of 28 videos, PDFs and spread sheets. I watched the videos once over. The second time I typed notes while I listened, and recorded the information Anton Kreil presented on the slides. He provides spread sheet calculations and I followed the videos and worked through each one. Unless you have the time to devote for the 30 days, I would take the lifetime, but it also costs more to have lifetime access.
The Professional Trading Master Class delivers valuable information for any person who wishes to trade in the market. It should be required for investment advisers, because it teaches the basis for your research– a how to from the top down, which you are not taught by a firm. This course would also be helpful for anyone giving their money to an investment adviser or wanting greater understanding of the financial markets along with those who plan to trade online. Anton Kreil details the mistakes online traders make and why they lose money. If I did not take the class I too would have gone into the market with the wrong approach.
The negative of the Professional Trading Master Class is it is loosely structured. You are left to piece together and organize the information. This may even be intentional. While the course is touted for anyone, some of the material is advanced.
Anton Kreil’s Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Professional Trading Master Class provides a bridge from the professional trader’s world to that of the investment adviser and day trader. Anton Kreil knew the gap existed and his course fills the gap. He teaches you to trade with the methods used by professionals at hedge funds and investment banks. The exam can only be taken once and is a multiple choice. Some of the answers sound similar. This is characteristic of U.S. financial exams, but unlike U.S. tests, which are designed to fail a high percentage of participants, in Anton Kreil’s test you will pass if you learn the material. The course gives you links and a directory of companies worldwide and charts and templates for spreadsheets that you will need when you go to trade using the professional trader’s approach. Lastly, if you are seeking a career in the investment banking or hedge fund field, you are provided with a certificate with your grade that you can add to your resume.

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