Revived Roman Empire Army Status-Afghanistan & US in Prophecy

Prophecy News Watch, which is part of Worthy ministries wrote in an article that the EU army was back on the table after Afghanistan Fiasco and they stated, “but few had imagined a renewed call in Europe for the formation of an EU Army.  In addition, they added regarding the Ezekiel 38 war:

Until a few weeks ago all of these nations could feasibly have become involved in such a coalition against Israel except one – Afghanistan.  With a pro-US government in place and US troops based in the country there it was extremely unlikely to be involved in such a coalition of nations. That has now all changed and with Islamic extremists back in power – they would be happy to join in a holy war against Israel and use US equipment left behind to do it. Both of these statements uttered by Prophecy News Watch present big errors and are misleading.

Afghanistan was despite the US presence in Russia’s Collective Security Treaty Organization, this is a counter to NATO, so the US presence did not take from Afghanistan being in place for the Ezekiel 38 war, with its current relations with Russia but only added to the ripening of the fruit.  Concerning the Islamic extremists being in power, Russia is enlisted in the fight against Islamic Fundamentalism, and it is viewed as a threat to Russia. This does not mean that Russia will not step in to fill the void with the US leaving, which further cements their relationship in areas, but Professor of Military History Alexander Hill wrote in “The Conversation” that Russia is unlikely to develop a close relationship with the Taliban. As a matter of fact, Russia is sending tanks, which will total 30 by the end of the year to Tajikistan-also in the Ezekiel 38 war, which borders Afghanistan in case of a fallout a of Islamic Militants infiltrating Central Asia., which is Moscow’s southern defensive buffer.

Unlike Prophecy New’s Watch reported the Bible does not describe a holy war but rather a surprise attack in a time of peace to take a spoil. This isn’t to say that an underlying motivator and bond among the nations might not be Islamic fundamentalist beliefs, but it is not the reason for the attack. Moreover, Israel will be at peace with these nations. This is a perfect example of instant Bible prophecy happening now, like instant coffee. The truth about Bible Prophecy is that it unfolds in a fractal pattern, just like the fig tree, and has been branching like a fractal since the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.   What I report on is the ripening of the fruit, because this is the stage, we are now living in.

•In line with instant Bible prophecy that unfolds overnight, PNW stated, “but few had imagined a renewed call in Europe for the formation of an EU army. This is a major falsehood, and it is obvious that no background research was performed beyond a look into Wikipedia.  So today I am going to give you a lesson on the European Union military infrastructure that is already in place..

An EU army has been evolving for more than several decades and has taken different beginnings such as the Western European Union that was scrapped. Currently the EU’s Common Security and Defense Policy enshrined in the Lisbon treaty of 2009 enables the Union to take a leading role in peace-keeping operations, conflict prevention and in the strengthening of international security.

It is the foundation and beginning structure for an EU army and it is already in place. The EU has its European External Action Service, which is like the US State Department, it is their diplomatic service and helps the EU carry out its Common Foreign and Security Policy.

Under its umbrella is Security, Defense and Crisis Response. Below these are military and civilian missions and operations. In 2017 the EU agreed to set up a joint command center for military missions. This was prompted by Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the growing threat from Islamic Militants and former President Donald Trump’s changing US policy toward the EU and NATO, which was less favorable to both. They called this PESCO, the Permanent Structured Cooperation, which raised cooperation on defense among the participating 25 EU Member States to a new level. Under these are many military projects which include European Training Certification Centre for European Armies (ETCCEA)

Recently the US became among the first countries to join PESCO along with Norway and Canada to overcome delays in moving troops across Europe in case of a conflict with Russia.

The idea is that “Their expertise will contribute to the project and with it, to improving military mobility within and beyond the European Union:  According to the EU “It will make EU defense more efficient and contribute to strengthen our security. So were seeing the forming of this empire’s army and the US as a partner of the empire.  According to EU power politician Guy Verhofstadt, European Defense should be the European pillar of NATO that will strengthen the Alliance by putting an end to the numerous duplications and waste of money between the armies of the EU member states! The idea in the EU is that they need to cooperate and integrate forces so that their people, interests, and values are better protected

Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, argued that the fall of Kabul shows the bloc needs to form its own army. He blamed the US for its botched evacuation.

He stated “I regret greatly the way in which things have gone, but no one asked for the opinion of the Europeans. Borrell then proposed a 50,000 strong expeditionary force, Commenting on the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, EU Council President Charles Michel stated, “we have to analyze how the EU can further deploy capabilities and positively influence international relations to defend its interests.” Meanwhile Greece just purchased its 24th Rafale, which are French fighters. Greece became the first country to buy combat jets made by Dassault Aviation.

As you can see the foundation and structure for the EU’s army is in place, all that is missing are the boots on the ground, that is the formation of the EU wide troops. So Borrell’s proposed 50,000 strong force, is not a renewed call for an EU Army and it coming back on the table as Prophecy News Watch stated, , the EU Army infrastructure already exists and with the unfolding events, it allows the EU to complete what it has already begun.  It is the goal of Europhiles to have, an EU army and you see that with each event they use it as an opportunity to build one or t0 call for the building of one.

We then see the ripening of the fig tree’s fruit. There is a pattern in the evolving European Union empire, that the unfolding of events causes it to grow stronger in the direction of Revelation 13 and 18. In addition to Daniel’s description of the fourth beast as being exceedingly dreadful, terrifying and strong with crushing strength.  As I said a long time ago, we see the Beast or European Union’s  final world revived roman empire rise out of the sea. It is already in the sea before it rises to its height of power. Much like the evolution of the Roman Empire. Julious Caesar conquered the vast region of Gaul and initiated the end of the Roman republic when he became dictator of the Roman empire. He was then assassinated, and his death resulted in civil wars that ended in the death of the Roman Republic and the birth of the Roman Empire.  Our Lord Jesus Christ was born under Augustus’s reign, the first emperor of the Roman Empire.  Moreover, Christ will return when the same empire in its later stage and  is ruling the world under the helm of the Antichrist.

Concerning the evolving EU army, it was tweeted:

European Union deploys an Election Observation Mission (EOM) to observe the legislative elections of 10 October, in response to an invitation by the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) in Iraq.

In another tweet it was written.

Indo-Pacific is becoming world’s entre of gravity, both in geo-economic and geopolitical terms. If EU wants to be global actor, we have to be a political and security actor in the region”.

EU Observer stated, “The EU needed to become the world’s third-largest military superpower, the debacle in Afghanistan has shown. Reuters reported that French defense minister Bruno Le Maire said at a business congress in Italy “Europe has to become the number three super-power besides China and the United States. Let’s open our eyes, we’re facing threats and we cannot rely anymore on the protection of the United States”,

Again, we see that Europhiles waste no opportunity, and these statements are all over the internet in response to various crisis. Again, this is not a renewed interest, this is a goal for some time and the infrastructure for the army is already in place.

Bible Prophecy news is an intense study, you can’t just take a headline and have some knowledge of the forecasts and make a knee jerk commentary. The Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God; a workman that needed not to be ashamed rightly dividing the world of Truth. The word for study means to exert oneself, give diligence.  As a teacher I take this seriously. Many of you tune into me because you don’t have the time for the study involved. This work takes a tremendous number of hours. Some prophecy teachers don’t even so much as look up the background regarding any of the headlines they quote.  In Bible Prophecy news, you need to know both the forecasts and geopolitics or world affairs.

Finally on the EU, US partnership, think of it as the US aligning with the Revived Roman Empire and lending it its power.

The US and EU have launched the Trade and Technology Council, this in part will act as a wall against China.  It is meant to coordinate approaches to key global trade, economic and technology issues and deepen transatlantic trade and economic relations.  The inaugural meeting is Sept 29 in Pittsburg, and I will be giving you an update on the next broadcast as well as other updates, such as the German elections.  It is also going to further cement the US EU partnership.  So we begin to get this picture of where the US is going to be in the earth’s finals days and we also know that a decline is coming for the United States.