Shocking 1000 Men Gang- Assault Women In Germany

I knew that in the last days we would have riots and gangs and the world would be a dangerous place to live, Ā and these would be part of the signs of the times, but I never imagined that a gang of 1000 men would rob and sexually assault women.

This happened on New Yearā€™s eve in Cologne Germany and the perpetrators were Arab refuges. This is unimaginable. One woman reported being touched 100 times. As the men attacked these women they called them sluts. Here Germany takes these men in as refuges and they attack German women.
What is frightening is the number of them-that they numbered 1000.

This is looking like Sodom and Gomorrah where an entire city surrounded Lotā€™s house. Ā  The levels of evils we are seeing in society are staggering and they are going to get worse and lead to the start of the Tribulation and the end of the world.

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