Signs of End Times – Heat Wave So Severe Named Lucifer

A European Heat waved right now is nick Named Lucifer. That’s right temperatures so extreme it is named after the Devil himself. 

This heatwave Comes right after what the Telegraph reported “Wildfires and floods: a week of extreme weather around the world, where they highlighted the wildfires in France, floods in the US and New Zealand and golf ball sized hail in Istanbul that caused injuries.

The heatwave that is hitting Europe is the most severe since 2003. Authorities in Italy, which is suffering its worst drought in 60 years, have placed 26 cities on the maximum extreme heat alert, including Venice and Rome. The extreme temperatures last month that fueled the wildfires, exacerbated droughts in Italy and Spain, and damaged crops.

  On top of this the heatwave with temperatures in excess of 107 degrees Fahrenheit named Lucifer. The extreme weather is not letting up and while world leaders are crying out for Climate Change legislation, Jesus warned in the Gospels what would be the signs of the end times,  and changes in nature was one of them.

 We see the same pattern happening in nature as is happening in the levels of violence and sexual immorality.

While sin is escalating so are the extremes in nature with the signs in nature being a sign that we are in the end times that is predicted in Bible Prophecy.

 It is a warning, not global warming, God’s warning. 

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