Sound of Freedom is NOT Just a Movie It’s an EVENT!

In this episode, the Twist News crew reviews the ‘Sound of Freedom,’ a movie by directed by Alejandro Gomez Monteverde of Angel Studios where a federal agent rescues a boy from a criminal organization then upon learning that the boy’s sister is still held captive, decides to embark on a dangerous mission to save her in the Colombian jungle. The movie stars Jim Caviezel as the lead star. Support the channel as well since it seems YouTube may be suppressing us due to our views which is scary. If you enjoy the show, please like, share, subscribe & donate so that we can keep going! Podcast for Audio Listeners – Rumble – _______________ Previous Show: Exploring the Mystery of the Moses Scroll with Author & Explorer Ross K. Nichols @RossKNicholsTV ā€‹ Previous YouTube – Previous Rumble – Previous Podcast – _______________ Show Schedule: Mondays & Fridays – The Twist News at 4:00PM CST Wednesdays – Train Talks at 4:00PM CST A News Talk Show Providing Insightful Commentary on World Political Events with Erika Grey and Don Pravda Erika Grey, an Evangelical Christian author who is an acclaimed international journalist and geopolitical analyst, has teamed up with Don Pravda, an influential leader and U.S. political insider, to provide honest commentary on unfolding items in the news. Provocative. Insightful. Relevant. Timely. Whether you are looking for a fresh perspective on the crisis in Ukraine or wondering how the EU just stepped up as a world power, Erika and Don bring unparalleled depth and breadth to newsanalysis . Help Support This Channel By Purchasing from Our Amazon Store: