Summary of Deuteronomy

BIBLE BOOK SUMMARIES- Book of Deuteronomy

The book of Deuteronomy begins with Moses reaffirming God’s promise to give the Israelites a bountiful home land and he sets up judges over the children of Israel. 

Moses recounts the Israelites rebellion, wilderness journey and God’s defeat of their enemies. He commands the Israelits to obey God’s statutes and warns them against idolatry.  

Moses set apart three cities of refuge for those who commit manslaughter. Moses recites the Ten Commandments and tells the Israelites they are a chosen people and God’s treasure. He encourages them with the blessings that will come with their obedience. Moses recounts the great miracles of God and their rebellion against Him. He tells the Israelites what the Lord requires and instructs them to love the Lord with all of their hearts and to teach their children His word. In the book of Deuteronomy, Moses prepares the children of Israel for life in the Promised Land.

Moses commands the Israelites to destroy the places where the nations of the earth serve their gods and to seek the place where God chooses them to worship. He warns the Israelites to beware of false gods and not to serve them. He teaches them the principal of tithing and tells them how to treat the poor. Moses reviews the Passover and the various feasts the Israelites are to remember and observe. He stresses that justice must be administered for serious violations of the law. Moses establishes standards for kings and prophets and warfare. Moses issues more laws, which cover rebellious children, sexual morality, divorce and the marriage duties of brothers.
Upon entering the Promised Land, God commands the Israelites to offer the first fruits of tithes to go to the Levites, strangers, orphans and widows. Moses urged the Israelites to obey God’s commands and he listed the curses that their misdeeds will bring upon them. Moses proclaimed the blessings of God for obedience and curses for disobedience. God renewed His covenant with the people in Moab and promised blessings for their returning to the Lord. Moses urges the children of Israel to choose life.

Moses informed the Israelites of his age of 120 years, and that he will not cross the Jordan but that God Himself crosses over before them. He will destroy the inhabiting nations. In Deuteronomy, Moses commissions Joshua to take over from his leadership and lead the people into the Promised Land. 

Moses wrote the law and delivered it to the priests and sons of Levi who bore the Ark of the Covenant and to all of the elders of Israel. He instructed them to read the law before all of Israel when the Israelites come to the place the Lord chooses.

God told Moses that he was about to die and requested that Moses and Joshua present themselves in the Tabernacle of Meeting for Him to inaugurate Joshua. God foretells the Israelites that that once they possess the land, they will go after other gods and will forsake Him and break their covenant with Him. When they do, God will forsake them and many evils will befall them.

God inaugurated Joshua. Moses completed writing the Law and put it beside the Ark of the Covenant. Moses spoke a song about the Lord God in the assembly of the people. When he finished, God told him to go up Mount Nebo across from Jericho, which overlooked the land of Canaan and die there. Before his death, Moses issued a blessing to the people and God showed him all the land of Israel. God affirmed this was the land He swore to give Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants. He told Moses that He wanted him to see it with his eyes, but he will not cross over to the land. Moses who was not ill or diminished in any way due to his age, died there and God buried him. 

No other prophet ever arose who God knew face to face or who did the miracles of Moses. Thus, the book of Deuteronomy ends with the death of Moses and the Israelites prepared to cross over into the Promised Land.  

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