Summary of Joshua

Bible Book Summaries: Old Testament Books

The book of Joshua begins with God speaking to Joshua and commanding him to cross the Jordan and lead the Israelites to the Promised Land.

God assures Joshua that He will be with him. The battle of Jericho begins Joshua’s conquests. He sent two spies to investigate the city. Rahab the harlot hid and protected them. God parted the waters of the Jordan for the Israelites to cross over. Joshua took 12 stones from the Jordan to set up as a memorial. He organized the circumcision of the men.

The Israelites marched around Jericho six days and on the seventh day the walls fell down. The invading army spared Rahab’s household. God instructed the children of Israel on the plunder they can take, but Achan took an accursed item, which he coveted. Joshua’s next battle took place at Ai. God allowed the men of Ai to defeat the children of Israel because of Achan’s sin. When Joshua learned of Achan’s sin, he had Achan and his family stoned. Afterwards the Israelites defeated Ai and Joshua built a memorial over the the King of Ai’s dead body and read from the Law.
Joshua made a covenant with the Gibeonites (without consulting God) after they deceived Joshua telling him they were from a far away land. They dwelt with the Israelites as wood cutters and water bearers, which was Joshua’s curse on them for their deceit. A federation of 10 kings went to make war with Gibeon for making peace with Joshua. The Gibeonites called Joshua for help and he went with his armies and the Lord rained large hailstones that killed the kings and their soldiers. Joshua requested the sun stand still and the sun stood still for a day and did not go down. Five of the kings escaped and hid in a cave, Joshua ambushed the cave, killed the kings and hung them for all to see. He cast them into the cave in which they hid and covered it with large stones. Joshua’s victories continued and in total he conquered 31 kings.
Joshua grew old and God said that much of the land remained to be conquered. God instructed Joshua to divide the land as an inheritance to the tribes of Israel. Joshua gave Hebron to Caleb because he wholly followed the Lord. Joshua set up the Tabernacle at Shiloh. Seven tribes had not yet received their inheritance. God sent them to survey the land and cast lots and divided the land to them.
God spoke to Joshua and had him appoint cities of refuge. Afterwards the Levites came to him and requested to know the cities in which they will live. All of God’s promises to the children of Israel came to pass and the Lord delivered all of their enemies into their hand.
Confusion arose between the eastern tribes and the rest of Israel when the Israelites discovered that the eastern tribes built an alter. They considered making war with the eastern tribes but learned that their alter named Witness stood as a memorial between the eastern tribes and the Lord.
God gave rest to Israel for a long time from their enemies. As Joshua neared death he called for all of the Israelites, their judges and officers. He urged them not to worship the remaining nation’s gods, or to make mention of them. He said that it was the Lord who fights for them and he urged the Israelites to love the Lord with all of their hearts. If they make marriages with these nations they will become snares, traps, scourges and thorns to them. God spoke and recounted HIs mighty acts and how He gave the children of Israel a land with good things they did not build. Joshua commanded them, “Choose this day whom you will serve,” and admonished them to put away the foreign gods among them. He took a stone for a memorial for the words the Lord spoke. The Israelites departed to the area of the country given to them for their inheritance. Joshua died and the Israelites buried him. They served the Lord under his leadership and the elders who succeeded him. They brought the bones of Joseph and buried him and Aaron’s son in their inherited areas.

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