EU Federal Union-The United Nations Security Council Question

This interview delves into the question of once the Fundamental Law treaty renders the European Union into a federal union, what happens to the Nation States that are in the UN Security Council. While Andrew Duff answers this question, his answer also takes us into his thoughts as he was writing the Fundamental Law of … Read more

European Union History-My start in European Federalism

Andrew Duff is a key figure in the European Movement, in this question he is asked about what started his interest and caused him to join the European Movement. The question posed to Andrew Duff recounts where the European Union was at that time in its early history at the time that Andrew Duff joined … Read more

The European Union-How it Works-It’s Treaties

Andrew Duff is asked a question regarding the number of treaties that make up the European Union. In his answer he provides some surprising insights into the European Union treaties. The transcript for this interview is typed below. In the mean time tune in to learn the details of the EU treaties and stay tuned … Read more

The European Union Explained-Its Mission

When Andrew Duff was asked about his life mission, which obviously is centered on the evolution of the European Union, he answered to help create a Europe that can punch up to its weight in global affairs. He also holds firm beliefs as do many federalists in the European Union that the nation state is … Read more

The Future of European Parliament Elections

When asked if he would run again as an MEP Andrew Duff provided in his answer his recommended changes, which would shake up the current MEP voting procedure to make it more in line with a Federal government. Andrew Duff has written about his recommendation in his blog posts and also in his book “Pandora, … Read more