Russia Torpedo’s US Dollar and Unfolds Bible Prophecy

Decline of the United States, Rise of the EU according to Bible Prophecy¬† I have written for some years now that we will see the decline of the United States and the end of the dollar as the world‚Äôs reserve currency. This is because the European Union rise to the position of the leading world … Read more

The Antichrist’s Peace Treaty and the Two State Solution

Israel at the Center of World Affairs In 1948 when Israel became a nation it was one of the biggest events in Bible Prophecy news. Its history of conflict and the need for peace became another area of unfolding prophecy. It is a no coincidence that the Israeli Arab peace process is an issue in … Read more

Extreme Cold Breaks Records-Be Prepared

Extreme Cold in Toronto this week broke a 57 year old temperature record. CTV reported that the extreme cold made parts of Canada colder than Mars and Antarctica. ¬†Canada used to issue Wind Chill Warnings but in 2014 it replaced the term, Wind Chill Warning with Extreme Cold Warning. The US began to experience record … Read more

Bad Bible Prophecy Teachers Exposed-Ron Graff

Prophecy Central is a long standing website and ranks first on Google by Ron Graff. He is an older Bible Prophecy teacher who was written books and his career spans over 50 years. Graff graduated seminary and pastored a church, but his ministry for Christ should have stopped there. Ron Graff cites WND as one … Read more