Russia Torpedo’s US Dollar and Unfolds Bible Prophecy

Decline of the United States, Rise of the EU according to Bible Prophecy¬† I have written for some years now that we will see the decline of the United States and the end of the dollar as the world‚Äôs reserve currency. This is because the European Union rise to the position of the leading world … Read more

The Whore of Babylon-All Your Questions Answered

whore of babylon, revelation 17 & 18

¬†In the following articles you will find the answers to the question of who is the Whore of Babylon and will discover details never before revealed. You can either read through the articles listed¬†¬†or purchase the book these articles derive from.¬† If you would prefer the free version, keep reading and click the links that … Read more

Why the Whore of Babylon Wears Purple and Red

10 WHY THE WHORE OF BABYLON WEARS PURPLE AND RED The Whore of Babylon of Revelation 17 is clothed in scarlet and purple and gold, and¬† many have wondered what these colors represent.¬† We know that the Whore of Babylon draws men and women away from true salvation and we see this salvation represented in … Read more

EU ARMY This is the Time To Get Things Done- Mogherini

An EU Army is a key development in Bible Prophecy because the European Union is the final world empire and every empire has an army. ¬†During the Tribulation we see this army surround Jerusalem and conquer nations and those predictions are very clear.¬†¬† The development of an EU army provides another piece that shows us … Read more

Beware of Fake News Sites For Bible Prophecy News

¬† An article was published in RT today where ex CIA employee and whistle-blower¬†Edward Snowden said not to rely on Facebook as your only source of news because it showed fake news. ¬†¬†Back in the day fake news used to be called propaganda.¬† Fake news today is to either sway you to the extreme right … Read more