Book of Daniel’s Iron & Clay Feet Unfolds

Bible Prophecy Unfolding These are exiting times in which we live to literally see end time Bible Prophecy unfold before our eyes.¬† In this article I will show you the partial fulfillment of the iron and clay prophecy, which will see its final fulfillment during the Seven Year Tribulation predicted in the book of Daniel … Read more

The Little Horn of Daniel Points to Revived Roman Empire

6 The Little Horn -Points to Roman Empire The little horn is a title given to the Antichrist and it is only found in the book of Daniel. I can still recall the horror of a Pastor I knew as he relayed that a Satanist who he was witnessing to identified¬† who he worshipped as … Read more

10 Facts that Prove the Roman Empire Revived

12 ¬†FACTS THAT PROVE THE ROMAN EMPIRE REVIVED The Bible‚Äôs accuracy is astounding,¬† both the books of Daniel and the Revelation line up and provide details about the revived Roman Empire that is the 6th, 7th and 8th head on the Whore of Babylon with the 7th and 8th head forecast for during the Tribulation. … Read more

Daniel’s Ten Kings Predicts Modern Politics

14 The Ten Kings – Modern Politics Predicted In the book of Daniel and the Revelation it is predicted that the final world empire will have a government of ten kings along with the Antichrist. Revelation 17 tells us that the ten kings willingly give their power and authority to the Beast and they have … Read more

Breakthrough-Scientists Change DNA In Human Embryo

It happened and it occurred in America, MIT Technology review reported that the first Human Embryo was edited in the United States by CRISPR.¬†¬† Years ago when cloning was in the news End Time Bible Prophecy watchers were worried what it might lead to but it never made it into the mainstream. ¬†More frightening than … Read more