Emmanuel Macron Wins- Another End Time Bible Prophecy Sign

Ā  Emmanuel Macron won the French presidency today as I had predicted he would based on end timeĀ Bible prophecy because a Marine Le Pen win would have possibly meant the end of the European Union and it would have put a wrench in the development of the EU. With all of the other signs that … Read more

Donald Trump Creating The Moment For Europe

Ā  Ā  Nothing seemed to have an effect on the EU like the Donald Trump presidency.Ā  His embracing Nigel Farage the man responsible for Brexit and with talk of appointing Ted Malloch as US ambassador to the EU who stated that he helped bring down the Soviet Union and there is another union that needs … Read more

The Future of Europe’s Institutions After BREXIT

This interview is power packed with information regarding the UK and EU after Brexit , elaboration on a Multi Speed Europe and EU associate membership. Simple diagrams help to illustrate, Multi Speed Europe, and what the EU will look like as Member States that choose go forward in “Enhanced Cooperation” to help form a United … Read more

2016 in Bible Prophecy Year in Review

2016 started with a good deal of troubles from threats from North Korea, terror threats, Saudi executions, and dire predictions in the stock market from the Financial Times. It was the year North Korea launched 5 nuclear bomb tests in defiance of the world, was accused of ā€œmaniacal recklessnessā€ and stated it aim to have … Read more

10 Kings of Revelation and Daniel Forming Now! -EU Draft Report

Today I am going to report on a draft report on possible evolution of and adjustments to the current institutional set-up of the European Union. Ā  The Committee on Constitutional Affairs first published this draft in July of 2016 and issued further amendments in November, this came as a response to the financial crisis, the … Read more