Nexplanon Birth Control Implants -Self Sterilization-Morally Wrong

Nexplanon -Birth Control of Temporary Self Sterilization?   Birth Control implants also called contraceptive implants, which is a small rod inserted into a woman’s upper arm can prevent pregnancy for up to four years. First developed in the 1960’s and experimented with in the 80’s and 90’s and taken off the market it has evolved … Read more

Signs of End Times – Heat Wave So Severe Named Lucifer

A European Heat waved right now is nick Named Lucifer. That’s right temperatures so extreme it is named after the Devil himself.  This heatwave Comes right after what the Telegraph reported “Wildfires and floods: a week of extreme weather around the world, where they highlighted the wildfires in France, floods in the US and New … Read more

Breakthrough-Scientists Change DNA In Human Embryo

It happened and it occurred in America, MIT Technology review reported that the first Human Embryo was edited in the United States by CRISPR.   Years ago when cloning was in the news End Time Bible Prophecy watchers were worried what it might lead to but it never made it into the mainstream.  More frightening than … Read more

In the End Times Human Monsters are Everywhere

An article on ABC news titled, “Australian Parents Jailed for Daughter’s 15 Years of Abuse’ provides shocking details of  the girl’s father raping his daughter with a variety of sharp objects, tying her up in a shed or plastic box for up to 3 days at a time, and mom teaching her daughter from the … Read more