The European Union Explained-European Federalism-Surprising Facts

Andrew Duff was asked why with the sophistication of the European Movement and European Federalism does he think that it is unheard of around the world. ¬†Andrew Duff answered the question talking about the British and Federalism and relayed a surprising contradiction about British Anti Federalism. The transcript for the video is below. Meanwhile stay … Read more

EU Founder Jean Monnet and European Federalism

For the student of Bible Prophecy who wants to know about Europe in the Bible, or Europe in prophecy and the EU or the EU in Bible Prophecy, ¬†it is important to know the European Union’s history and to know who was Jean Monnet and what is European Federalism. The EU regards Jean Monnet as … Read more

European Federalism, Globalization and One World Government

Bible Scholars agree that the final world power or revived Roman Empire will rule globally. The Scripture states that the entire world worships the Beast. The Antichrist institutes his Mark worldwide. End time watchers follow developments in globalization and the New World Order. Unfortunately, around this premise many conspiracy theories have arisen. They teach that … Read more

The EU and Bible Prophecy-Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom- World Empire-8

The Revived Roman Empire:¬† RETURN OF THE EMPIRE ¬†The European Union’s “Parliament” Building in Strasbourg has been deliberately designed to represent the Tower of Babel, as per the famous painting by Peter Brueghel, painted in 1563. The logic behind this symbolism is the European Union is seeking to “build the house of Europe” – a … Read more

The EU: The Cornerstone for Uniting the World

Lucio Levi, the editor of The Federalist Debate, published in Torino, Italy, stated in the July 2001 issue: ‚ÄúA center of power must emerge with the capability of supporting the plan for a world democratic order.  The European Union could be such a power.‚ĶIt is reasonable to believe that Europe will hold sufficient power to … Read more