Donald Trump Creating The Moment For Europe

Ā  Ā  Nothing seemed to have an effect on the EU like the Donald Trump presidency.Ā  His embracing Nigel Farage the man responsible for Brexit and with talk of appointing Ted Malloch as US ambassador to the EU who stated that he helped bring down the Soviet Union and there is another union that needs … Read more

European Union History-My start in European Federalism

Andrew Duff is a key figure in the European Movement, in this question he is asked about what started his interest and caused him to join the European Movement. The question posed to Andrew Duff recounts where the European Union was at that time in its early history at the time that Andrew Duff joined … Read more

The Future of European Parliament Elections

When asked if he would run again as an MEP Andrew Duff provided in his answer his recommended changes, which would shake up the current MEP voting procedure to make it more in line with a Federal government. Andrew Duff has written about his recommendation in his blog posts and also in his book “Pandora, … Read more