Extreme Cold Breaks Records-Be Prepared

Extreme Cold in Toronto this week broke a 57 year old temperature record. CTV reported that the extreme cold made parts of Canada colder than Mars and Antarctica. Ā Canada used to issue Wind Chill Warnings but in 2014 it replaced the term, Wind Chill Warning with Extreme Cold Warning. The US began to experience record … Read more

Signs of End Times – Heat Wave So Severe Named Lucifer

A European Heat waved right now is nick Named Lucifer. Thatā€™s right temperatures so extreme it is named after the Devil himself.Ā  This heatwave Comes right after what the Telegraph reported ā€œWildfires and floods: a week of extreme weather around the world, where they highlighted the wildfires in France, floods in the US and New … Read more

Bible Prophecy- Natural Disasters Causing Pestilence & Plagues

Those of us who watch for the signs in Bible Prophecy have noted the increase in severe weather evidencing that we are in the end times. What we didn’t anticipate is that along with the extreme weather, would come other plagues that would result from the natural disasters and change in climate. I am referring … Read more

Tsunamis, Sinkholes, Polar Vortex & Now Haboobs

This decade has been the era of extreme weather and we have come to learn new vocabulary words as a result. First Tsunami, then Sinkholes, last winter’s Polar Vortex and now Haboobs. If you do not know what a Haboob is ABC news does a superb job at reporting on the Haboob That Covered Palm … Read more

In End Times New Hurricane Terms in Era of Extreme Weather

In these end times with the frequency and increase of devastating hurricanes also termed as extreme weather, which is also a new end time term along with “climate change” we have new hurricane terms in our vocabulary. The “hurricane age” and modern technology have ushered in new hurricane terms that are becoming common during hurricanes. … Read more