Bible Prophecy Teachers Have No Respect

Not one of today’s Bible Prophecy teachers have any respect- none of the teachers are given ¬†any respect by anyone in the world of academia.¬†The reason Bible Prophecy teachers are not given¬†any respect or looked at with any credibility is because of the nonsense that¬†Bible Prophecy experts teach such as conspiracy¬†theories. ¬† They are the … Read more

How to Spot Fake News in End Time Bible Prophecy news

The Huffington Post wrote several pieces on Fake News and it is coming from many areas,¬† the liberal left, the Right, YouTube creators whose headlines state an untrue sensational fact to get you to click on the link and in the YouTube world this is called clickbait and when the video does not resemble the … Read more

Beware of Fake News Sites For Bible Prophecy News

¬† An article was published in RT today where ex CIA employee and whistle-blower¬†Edward Snowden said not to rely on Facebook as your only source of news because it showed fake news. ¬†¬†Back in the day fake news used to be called propaganda.¬† Fake news today is to either sway you to the extreme right … Read more