A North Korea Nuclear Attack on US Would Fit in Bible Prophecy

With North Korea making major news, and with the threat of a nuclear attack on US soil more possible than ever, does it fit in with Bible Prophecy? Yes, it does, tune into find out whey a nuclear attack on US soil is a possibility with what we know is predicted for the end times? … Read more

2016 in Bible Prophecy Year in Review

2016 started with a good deal of troubles from threats from North Korea, terror threats, Saudi executions, and dire predictions in the stock market from the Financial Times. It was the year North Korea launched 5 nuclear bomb tests in defiance of the world, was accused of ā€œmaniacal recklessnessā€ and stated it aim to have … Read more

North Korea Tests Nuke That Targets US

Talk about a sign of the end times or sign of the times, they donā€™t know, they are not sure, the South Korean spy agency said North Korea may have tested a nuke. Ā North Korea said it was a hydrogen bomb. The blast created a 5.1 magnitude earthquake. Some experts are saying that the size … Read more