The Origin of Babylon in the Bible-New Details Revealed

1 BabYLON- Its ORIGIN ¬† In the book of Genesis we see the origins of Babylon. We learn¬† that Babylon was founded by Nimrod who was the grandson of Ham; Noah‚Äôs wicked son. Genesis 10:6-10 provides the origin of Babylon. Genesis 10: 6-7 begins: ¬†The sons of Ham¬†were¬†Cush, Mizraim, Put, and Canaan.¬†7¬†The sons of Cush¬†were¬†Seba, … Read more

The King of Babylon is Lucifer and the Antichrist

2 KING OF BABYLON-LUCIFER- ANTICHRIST While the prophet Daniel establishes Babylon as parallel with the final world power and provides many details of its structure; Jeremiah 51 predicts Babylon‚Äôs judgment. He prophesizes against the literal land that once existed, as well as its latter- day counterpart.¬† As with Tyrus, whose king God identifies as Satan, … Read more

The Mother of Harlots in Revelation 17

THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS Revelation, Chapter 17, describes the Great Whore of Babylon, who represents the false religion of Babylon. As we examine Revelation Chapter 17 we learn that the Whore¬† sits upon many waters, and is arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold, precious stones, and pearls.¬† Her hand holds a golden … Read more

Zechariah 5 Predicts Whore of Babylon’s Temple

5 Zechariah 5-Whore of Babylon‚Äôs TEMPLE One of the most mysterious prophetic books in the Bible is the book of Zechariah. The imagery and language in Zechariah is difficult to understand and yet it provides important Biblical prophecies.¬† Such as the vision of the woman in the basket which theologians have attempted to interpret.¬† The … Read more

10 Facts that Prove the Roman Empire Revived

12 ¬†FACTS THAT PROVE THE ROMAN EMPIRE REVIVED The Bible‚Äôs accuracy is astounding,¬† both the books of Daniel and the Revelation line up and provide details about the revived Roman Empire that is the 6th, 7th and 8th head on the Whore of Babylon with the 7th and 8th head forecast for during the Tribulation. … Read more