The Little Horn of Daniel Points to Revived Roman Empire

6 The Little Horn -Points to Roman Empire The little horn is a title given to the Antichrist and it is only found in the book of Daniel. I can still recall the horror of a Pastor I knew as he relayed that a Satanist who he was witnessing to identified¬† who he worshipped as … Read more

10 Facts that Prove the Roman Empire Revived

12 ¬†FACTS THAT PROVE THE ROMAN EMPIRE REVIVED The Bible‚Äôs accuracy is astounding,¬† both the books of Daniel and the Revelation line up and provide details about the revived Roman Empire that is the 6th, 7th and 8th head on the Whore of Babylon with the 7th and 8th head forecast for during the Tribulation. … Read more

Behind the Scenes- 60th Anniversary- Europe Fights Back Forum

60th anniversary, europe fights back, unfolding bible prophecy

This video highlights the EU Spinelli group forum that took place at the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and March for Europe in Rome Italy. ¬†Erika Grey provides the footage taken from her smart phone of highlights of the event and also provides the bios of the European Union politicians who are helping … Read more

EU Empire Rising EU Nuclear Program Proposed

In showing that the EU is forming into the World Power, predicted in end time Bible Prophecy, -and I say the EU because it is the revived Roman Empire- the EU will be the leading Empire. ¬†I have relayed quite a bit of information on the forming European Union army because this proves my point … Read more

Summary of EU Treaties on Political Union

Here on Prophecy Talk I write a good deal on the EU and Bible Prophecy. ¬†Unfortunately, the European Union is misunderstood by many in the media and even more so by some writers of end time Bible Prophecy. Here on Prophecy Talk I devote various articles to understanding the European Union and how it functions. … Read more