Putin Gives 7 Reasons Why Russia Feels Threatened By The US

In the video recently published titled, ‚ÄúPutin Crushes BBC Smartass including BBC propagandist‚Äôs question.‚ÄĚ ,¬†Vladimir Putin gives seven reasons why Russia feels threatened by the United States.¬† ¬† In Bible Prophecy it is predicted that nation will rise against nation and I have pointed out that in line with that prophecy, the United States has … Read more

In Bible Prophecy Will Nuclear Bomb Strike United States?

Bible Prophecy does not specifically answer the question if a nuclear bomb will strike the United States, because that kind of detail is not offered in the Scriptures.¬† Bible Prophecy does provide prophecies of the end time leading up to the battle of Armageddon and the end of the world.From these forecasts we can speculate … Read more