Temple Mount News- Site May Open and Historic Sacrifice Took Place

According to an article that appeared in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz The Temple Mount custodian is willing to open the site to Israelis.

According to Haaretz The head of the Muslim religious trust that administers the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has called on Israel to enter negotiations aimed at restoring the status quo on the site to its pre-2000 situation.

The head of the Jerusalem Waqf, Sheikh Azzam al-Khatib Al-Tamimi, said this would allow anyone, including Israeli lawmakers and Jewish activists who support the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, to visit the compound.
And also according to another article in Haaretz,
In April , outside the Hurva Synagogue, just a few hundred meters from the Temple Mount Jewish priests performed the Paschal sacrifice (sacrifice of a lamb) and it was attended by hundreds of onlookers.
This is the sixth year in which Temple Mount priests have performed the sacrifice wearing the same garments as those directed by God to be worn in the Torah.   But, it was a first to be held so close to the Temple Mount.
According to Hareetz, Raphael Morris, head of the group Hozrim Lahar, stated, “ It’s a big step up from just two years ago, when the ceremony was held almost in secret in a school courtyard in one of the capital’s religious neighborhoods.”
MK Yehudah Glick of the conservative Likud party.Who addressed the crowd  implied that his goal is to bring this event to the notice of the masses.
“We were privileged to get near the Temple Mount, the proper place. The authorities today are more open and the public is more open,” Elboim said. He added, “Ultimately the government wants to serve the people, and the people want the Temple; the people want to offer sacrifices. At this rate the day isn’t far off – just a few more years – when we’ll be privileged to do sacrifices on the Temple Mount itself.”

This is exciting news for followers of Bible Prophecy, all of the pieces are coming together whether we look at the US, EU, and Israel and especially the Third Temple because we know that the Temple is going to be rebuilt because it is a key place where main events will take place during the Tribulation.

I remember about 35 years ago being among Evangelicals talking Bible Prophecy  about how the third Temple will be rebuilt and back then the idea of an animal sacrifice was so far removed from our culture at that time that it was remarked that somehow at the time of the rebuilding of the Temple the sacrifices would be acceptable in the future society.

Here we are, they seem to be acceptable now.  It is just amazing to see all of this fall into place in line with other events to fulfill the signs that Jesus

read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.782280

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