The End of Donald Trump & His False Prophets

Several false prophets or well-meaning Evangelicals predicted that Trump was going to win the election. I was the only one who came out and said that he was not going to win.  While one of the false prophets Paul Begley who built his analysis around Trump’s presidency and erroneously taught that the Israel peace plan was the one that would be adopted by the Antichrist, predicted Donald Trump would again win the presidency and sign yet another peace deal and he was wrong, Begley has not lost one subscriber on his Youtube Channel, but I was accurate all glory to God and the Truth in His Word  and have lost subscribers.

 I told you that God would also take down the false prophets that surrounded Donald Trump. To my own shock Irwin Baxter who teamed with Begley, died of COVID 19 a couple of days ago.  Baxter’s teaching was blasphemous. How many times in Scripture do we read of the prophetic word coming to pass and even the phrase that the word might be fulfilled is used in Ezra 1:1 which reads, that the word of the LORD by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled or in John 15:25, But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled.  Irwin Baxter who was an evangelist and Prophecy teacher stated that Donald Trump’s critics are Satanic and that the President is messing up Satan’s plan for world government.  According to a Newsweek article, He argued that Trump is hated because he stands in opposition to a “satanic” plot that has been in the works for 100 years to create a world government system. While the historical and geopolitical facts of this are wrong, it  is nothing compared to the underlying message that we need to fight the Word of prophecy from going forth, and this is blasphemous and from Satan himself.  This violates the warning of the book of Revelation to not add or take away from the words of the prophecy of this book. It is no surprise Irwin Baxter died of COVID 19 at the time of the election. I told you a correction was coming from God Himself.

Bible Prophecy and its relations to the events of the day is a serious and time-consuming study and it is one that anyone who puts themselves out there to teach should not take lightly. I don’t.  The prophetic words are holy and their fulfillment glorify God.

Donald Trump is making a total fool of himself  and becoming a laughing stock and trying to take down the United State’s electoral process to win, Joseph Biden remained calm and quiet and called for unity.  Trump’s circle began to look like a circus. Steve Bannon, Trumps former advisor strategist or chief of staff himself was arrested on fraud charges from pocketing money from the building of the wall. He appeared red nosed, long haired and called for the beheading of Dr. Fauci. In addition for his head to be put on a spike. Twitter banned him. You also had Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor Paula White preaching that if people did not give donations for Trump’s counter fight God would make bad things happen to them. The news showed young women crying in prayer begging God for Trump to win as if he was their savior. The division and absurdity is so great that Evangelical Christianity has become a joke. Who are Trump’s biggest supporters: Evangelicals.  After Biden’s election announcement came a reporter while reading one of Trump’s statements did all she could to hold in a laugh. Trump is not done, he will do all he can now to bring down the system, he is raging, Evangelicals would be wise to distance from him.

Donald Trump did as I stated, he did all he could to steal the election and he will also not concede. Trump himself became the biggest perpetrator of fake news. He was ready to sacrifice the country and his electorate, and incite them to violence so that he could win.   As soon as victory was declared for Joe Biden, Trump posted a tweet that read,  I won this presidency by a lot. He could not accept that in the eyes of the world he lost. Politico EU published an article titled, Donald Trump Confronts a New Label: Loser.  God humbled Donald Trump.

I lost subscribers because I came out on the part of Joe Biden knowing he stands for murder of the unborn. The prophet Jeremiah told King Zedekiah to surrender to the King of Babylon. This is all recorded in Jeremiah 38 and 39. The King of Babylon is synonymous with Satan and the Antichrist, This was an evil king who not only worshipped Baal but also most likely was also murdering children and giving them to the gods. In addition to inflicting atrocities to the in habitants of the nation of Israel, which included children.

 It was King Zedekiah of Israel who had put Jeremiah in prison, his own people who he tried to warn. They did not like his message because it did not favor the king. Zedekiah refused to listen to Jeremiah and as a result was captured, his sons were killed before his eyes and then he was blinded and bound in heavy chains and spent the rest of his life in prison, in blindness and chains which reflected his spiritual state.

  At the time of the complete takeover of Israel and Judah by Nebuchadnezzar, God performed two miracles. The poor of Israel could stay in the land. God protected them, in addition God used Nebuchadnezzar himself to defend and provide for the prophet Jeremiah and other prophets in the land of Israel among the poor who God had also safeguarded. Too many Evangelicals put their faith in Donald Trump than in God.

Satan has succeeded in causing Evangelicals to sin a great sin, to hate their enemy instead of hating sin. To see the world in black and white. To believe in a fictitious make-believe version of the New World Order as unfolding Bible Prophecy.  When George Bush first stated that we would have a new world order that the World Order then and now are completely different. The World Order is a descriptive term of the world geopolitical system. Did you know that we are in what is called a multipolar world? This means an age of Empires just as was predicted by the prophet Daniel.

I am happy to say that I do not read the conservative aggregate sites like the Drudge report or Breitbart news.  But even Matt Drudge turned against Donald Trump some time ago and never told anyone why.  My focus has never been US politics alone. Don’t you know that the US is not a major player in end time Bible Prophecy?  Why then spend all of your time on US politics? The minute I either hear a conspiracy theorist spouting a conspiracy or someone going on about the democrats and their evil plans its all like chalk on a chalk board and its just noise. Like the static that suddenly booms on your television or radio. NOISE that says nothing and means nothing. I would rather spend my time in keeping pace with world affairs. Concerning the abortion issue, or LBGT I look at is progression globally, not just in the US. There are nearly seven billion people living today and only about 320 million of that number are here in the US.

With Biden another shift is coming for the United States. Meanwhile stay away from the Conspiracy sites that are going to continue the same crazy reporting that occurred during Obama’s presidency of plastic coffins and the plans for Marshall law. With Biden these false prophets will be in business. In addition to their nonsense that the US is headed for Communism. If anything, the world is headed for World Federalism, which fits the prophetic forecast. As far as socialist, we already are socialist with our myriad of social programs in the name of democracy.   We are a socialist democracy. Concerning the Donald Trump false prophets, I would like to see how they will now redirect their teachings, what happens to their books. Mine remain the same. There is no new direction I need to take in my teachings due to Trump’s presidential loss. God threw a wrench into those teachings.

Concerning the Conspiracy theorist New World Order nonsense:  

Politico EU reported on

Sept 29, 2020  that French President Macron called for Europe to end its dependence on American weapon systems and he made a pitch for the EU to take control of its destiny.

“We, some countries more than others, gave up on our strategic independence by depending too much on American weapons systems,” Macron said at the debate. “We cannot accept to live in a bipolar world made up of the U.S. and China.” This does not sound like a New World Order of Globalists to me but rather the EU is its own empire moving at its own pace for its own purpose.  Macron or France is and always has been along with Germany the engine of EU affairs.

EU leaders have already congratulated Joe Biden and are looking forward to working on a partnership in global affairs.  This might also mean the revival of the TTIP trade deal.

But, the two empires are not in step as you think and Biden’ opting back in to a relationship with the EU does not mean the US will be taking a lead. The nation is no longer viewed with the same regard. The US is now very damaged and on the decline. The EU has edged forward with no one taking note. Meanwhile Biden has so many issues to deal with from COVID 19, the nation’s disunity which is seen as its undoing. Not to mention the US has an inflated stock market and a 27 trillion-dollar deficit and climbing.

As Biden moves the world forward into the some of the agreements that Trump pulled out of you will want to stay tuned for reporting on this channel on the developments in the EU and US relationship and where it will head.  It will be followed on this channel.

Meanwhile Biden is now clearly God’s choice. He is the man who will steer the US during the bumpy ride of its decline. The US will be remembered for blessing Israel and this is why I believe Trump also had to be removed, he was so self-absorbed he would have steered the US into a sudden crash. Meanwhile pray for our new President, and stay on your guard against the next direction of teachings of the remaining false prophets      .