The Twist with Erika Grey

Erika Grey offers a distinctive spin on world events that is uniquely aligns with Evangelical Christian thought. 

Topics that matter NOW

Looking for a fresh perspective on the crisis in Ukraine? Erika is talking about it! Wondering how the EU just stepped up as a world power? Erika provides insights fueled by unfolding world events.

Provocative. Insightful. Relevant.

Geopolitical insider

Erika provides an unrivaled and rare perspective.

Erika Grey is an acclaimed international journalist and geopolitical analyst who grew up around members of the world’s business, financial and cultural elite. Along the way, this Evangelical Christian met and interviewed many of the European Union’s leading globalists and federalists, including a former Prime Minister, Members of the European Parliament, the former Secretary General of the Globalist organization PanEuropa, and many more. 

Insightful Viewpoint —  Erika Combines Insider Knowledge with a Religious Perspective 

As the only female evangelical Bible Prophecy Expert and Analyst on the national stage, Erika brings a fresh and informed perspective to her work. Living her mission of “To Warn and Inform in Jesus’s name,” this Evangelical Christian is an important voice in Eschatology who is listed in Sound Christian’s Who’s Who of Bible Prophecy.

She provides a unique Twist on world events that aligns with Biblical teachings


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