The EU and One World Government

In last week’s show in which I taught against conspiracy theories I said that in this week’s show I would tell my listeners what information is out in the open and what they have missed by keeping their eye on non-existent conspiracy theories.

If you have purchased my book The Revived Roman Empire  or my book The Seat of the Antichrist  I expose the teachings of European Federalism, which is the ideological term for one worldism  you would have read of the ideology and its aim for a one world government.

You would also have read how federalists believe that the EU should act as the cornerstone for uniting the globe you can read the details about what federalists believe and their slogans.

EU Antichrist reveals that the federalist movement in the European Union is the ideology that drives the Union and many key leaders within the EU have come from Federalist ranks..

European Federalism closely aligns with the European Movement, which dates back to 1947. While Federalism provides the ideology and blueprint for the EU, the European Movement provides the legs.

As I stated last week, Bible Prophecy conspiracy theorists often point to organizations such as the Freemasons, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations as secret organizations conspiring for World Government. Right under the noses of conspiracy theorists existed  and still exists the European Movement and euro federaslism, which  they should have been paying attention to.  If you do not know about it, you will learn about federalism and the European movement in today’s broadcast. Unlike conspricy theorists whose societies are secret, euro federalist goals and aims are not secret at all but out in the open for all to learn about and possibly join. Many federalists belong to the Bilderbergers, and Trilateral Commission and have their influence within those organizations.

European Federalists existed and started The European Movement. The European Movement formed in 1947 and for good reason.  The ECSC which pooled the steel and coal of France and Germany, and marked the birth of the European Unioin, formed to help prevent another world war. The war officially ended with the surrender of Germany in May of 1945, followed by the surrender of Japan in August 1946. Pro-European and federalist movements campaigned even more actively in favor of European unification. Some of these groups originated in the Resistance and they came together to create the Liaison Committee of the Movements for European Unity on 20 July 1947 in Paris.

It comprised the Independent League for European Cooperation (ILEC), led by former Belgian Prime Minister Paul van Zeeland, the Union of European Federalists (UEF), led by Henri Brugmans of the Netherlands, and Winston Churchill’s United Europe Movement(UEM). The task was soon complicated, however, by personal and ideological differences. The Unionists wanted more of a union, while the federalists wanted a Europe modeled along the lines of the United States.

Alcide De Gasperi and Paul-Henri Spaak, both who were instrumental in the formation of the ECSC, or start of the European Union were elected as Honorary Presidents. After a few name changes of their organization for European Unity, the first Congress of Europe in The Hague in 1948, changed its name to the European Movement.)

Presided over by Winston Churchill, the Congress brought together representatives from across a broad political spectrum, providing them with the opportunity to discuss ideas about the development of the European Union, which was the European Community prior to being renamed the European Union.

Important political figures such as Konrad Adenauer, Winston Churchill, Harold Macmillan, François Mitterrand, Paul-Henry Spaak, Albert Coppé and Altiero Spinelli took an active role in the congress and a call was launched for a political, economic and monetary Union of Europe.  Many of these men were the EU’s founding fathers.   Francois Mitterrand later became prime minister of France and was noted for his contributions to the evolving EU. He supported the enlargement of the Community to include Spain and Portugal (which both joined in January 1986). In 1986 he helped the Single European Act come into effect, which made the EU’s decision making process go smoother and easier to help push through major decisions with greater ease among its members.  Mitterand  worked well with Helmut Kohl and improved Franco-German relations significantly. Together they fathered the Maastricht Treaty. The European Movement has been such an important part of foreign affairs in the wake of the war that the United States funded its operations and formed a US branch.  The American Committee on United Europe (ACUE), founded in 1948, was an sought to counter the Communist threat in Europe by promoting European political integration. Its first chairman was ex-wartime OSS head, William Joseph Donovan.[1]

Declassified American government documents have shown that the ACUE was an important early funder of both the European Movement and the European Youth Campaign. The ACUE itself received funding from the Rockefeller and Ford foundations.

The U.S. policy was to promote a United States of Europe, and to this end the committee was used to discretely funnel CIA funds – by the mid 50’s ACUE was receiving roughly $1,000,000 USD per year – to European pro-federalists supporting such organizations as the Council of Europe, the European Coal and Steel Community, and the proposed European Defence Community.[2]

The European Movements objective is to “contribute to the establishment of a united, federal Europe founded on democratic principles. It provides a structure to encourage and facilitate the active participation of citizens and civil society organisations in the development of a united Europe”. Its 42 National Councils and 32 associated Member Organisations work towards bringing together representatives from European associations, political parties, enterprises, trade unions and individual lobbyists.

The European Movement has played a crucial role in the construction of Europe. The European Movement’s main focus of attention centers on influencing political, social and cultural arenas of European Society. As I am reciting its history, you have to keep in mind that the European Movement is dominated by Euro Federalists and what is Euro federalism‚Äôs long term aim but world government with the European Union acting as the cornerstone for uniting the world.¬† The parallel here is that Jesus is the cornerstone of the church and he unites the church to the father. ¬†The European Union will unite the Antichrist to the world.

The European Movement has been responsible for notable achievements, which have greatly contributed to the European Union.  The first major achievement was the setting up of the Council of Europe in May 1949. The European Movement was also responsible for the creation of the College of Europe in Bruges.  It is to the European political elite what the Harvard Business School is to corporate America.  The Economist describes it as an elite finishing school for aspiring Eurocats. The financial times writes that the elite College of Europe in Bruges in an institution geared to producing crop after crop of graduates with a lifelong enthusiasm for EU integration.

Since 1948, the European Movement has lobbied for further integration, on numerous subjects. It worked in¬†favor¬†of the direct election of the European Parliament¬†¬†by all European citizens.¬†¬†In¬†favor¬†of the Treaty on the European Union (the Maastricht Treaty ¬†and also for a European Constitution.¬†¬†Its objective was to transform the relations between the European States and its citizens into a Federal European Union. Currently, the EMI is represented in 41 European countries and regroups 20 international Associations. Now if this¬†isn’t¬†organized I do not know what is?¬† If you subscribe to Global Watch weekly they will be coming out with an issue where I write about euro federalism and the European movement and I highlight the EU‚Äôs movers and shakers within the European Union and you will see in that report how many key European union leaders, prime ministers, European members of parliament, eu parliament presidents and even heads of NATO are euro federalists.

To the  conspiracy theorists who have been listening these last couple of broadcasts, I believe I have proved to you beyond a doubt, the errors of those teachings and  have revealed to you now, what has existed right under neath the noses of conspiracy theorists, which frankly is more in line with Bible Prophecy and more shocking to the believer who knows what the Scriptures teach about what is ahead.

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