The EU: The Cornerstone for Uniting the World

Lucio Levi, the editor of
The Federalist Debate, published in Torino, Italy, stated in the July 2001 issue: “A center of power must emerge with the capability of supporting the plan for a world democratic order.  The European Union could be such a power.…It is reasonable to believe that Europe will hold sufficient power to relieve the United States of some of their overwhelming world responsibilities, and thus have the authority to persuade them to support the democratic reform of the United Nations.”[i]Within the EU, federalists hold key positions, and impact upon the EU’s future direction and policies toward global governance.  EU bureaucrats have adopted a federalist blueprint.  With EU laws based on those of world institutions, once the EU becomes the world’s leading power, it will lead other nations into global governance.  In its mega superpower status, its policies will take precedence on the world stage.

Federalists have already mapped out the route the EU will take to achieve world government.  A powerful EU will have the greatest voice in world organizations.  Most nations will hand over their sovereignty to these institutions.  When the EU has sufficient power, it will write the rules for the world.  Italy has proposed that in the future the European Union might seek a single permanent seat at the UN Security Council.  Germany’s defense minister also supports the EU’s having a single seat on the UN Security Council.  These proposals are the first stage of what has yet to occur.  The 1999 issue of The Federalist, published in Pavia, Italy, states:

It is as indicated, a question of predicting what type of world equilibrium the birth of the European federation will help to create, and what new forces it will help to unleash. We are all federalists because of our conviction that the founding of a European federation will be an important step forwards on the road towards the creation of a world federation, that it will allow the establishment of more stable, peaceful and open relations between peoples, that it will give the United Nations a more solid basis for action, that it will, through the example which its own birth will set the world, favor the development of new trends toward regional unification and give considerable impulse to the diffusion of the culture of the unity of mankind.  And it will do this by mere virtue of its mere existence, and regardless of its governments’ inclinations over foreign policy.[ii]

Federalist thought provides the ideological backbone for the European Union.  These ideals based on both religious and humanistic thinking or the teachings in the cup of the Whore, provide the Antichrist with a perfect platform for world rule.

The above blog is an excerpt taken from my book, The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union, changed slightly for the internet.

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