The European Union Explained-European Federalism-Surprising Facts

Andrew Duff was asked why with the sophistication of the European Movement and European Federalism does he think that it is unheard of around the world.

 Andrew Duff answered the question talking about the British and Federalism and relayed a surprising contradiction about British Anti Federalism.
The transcript for the video is below. Meanwhile stay tuned in the Andrew Duff playlist for more insights into European Federalism and the European Movement, which is the the force and ideology that drives the European Union.
Erika Grey
European federalism is misunderstood in Europe. Virtually unheard of in the United States, and yet federalism is the ideology that drives the European Union and many EU federalists held and hold leading positions in EU institutions. Why do you think that with such a sophisticated and educated group of adherents to the ideology, which includes journalists is European federalism misunderstood within the EU nations and virtually unheard of around the world?
Andrew Duff
It’s an extremely good question and I ask myself that a lot.
Erika Grey
Andrew Duff:
I think that it’s not quite fair to say that federalism has disappeared. It is there inside the atmosphere still and the British even who are seem to be especially opposed to the federal idea in the EU context are responsible for promoting it in the empire in the British empire. After all South Africa, Canada, Australia, Italy, India, are all federations and all of these bases, Nigeria all of these bases where a gifted federalism at the end of empire, but the Brits have not ever embraced it neither internally in the UK and as a result of that the UK is experiencing huge tensions between the component nations and despite the fact that the Brits were and the Americans were responsible for imposing a federal constitution on Germany after the war the Brits have not ever thought of themselves as European federalists, That’s a pity. But I still think that the logic of the EU if you go right back to the end of the war, is as you say federalist, and what we have to do is to return to the spirit and the logic of the founding fathers of the EU. I think that can be done. But it needs clear thinking and courageous leadership and unfortunately we haven’t an awful lot of all of those things at present,
Erika Grey
Yes and some of that we’ll be……
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